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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dreaming of Traveling in a Train

       Not often I dreamed of been traveling in a train, but what I found very odd, it’s the fact that it is often happening when I am about to have a change of life event,  as it was this dream I am about to write about here.

Always, an old train like the Oriental Express type and the clothing is from the Victorian Era.

As well, that I see passengers that have no face expression but distinctive deep dark eyes. Their figures are on black and white, while everything else is in vivid color. No one, seems to be talking or interactive with other passengers.     

Sometimes, I am the only one traveling in this train or with someone that talks to me but I am unable to see whom I am talking with, at all. All I can hear is the sound of the train traveling thru the tracks, smells of coal burning and cold temperatures.

The terrain is often in rogue rocky hills through mountains and tunnels.
In my dream, as entered the passenger car, I found my new Spanish friend already seating by the window and seems very happy to see me, as invited me to seat besides him. I noticed that he was wearing Victorian Era clothing as was I. As I keep observing around me, noticed other passengers, some seating alone, others with company. However, none of them talking to each other and neither heard the sound of voices. All of them were in black and white, dressing in Victorian Era and with no expression on their faces. While my friend was happy to see me, I was feeling scare and unease with my surroundings. He tried to calm me down by holding my hand but I was busy looking around me, trying to figure out what is going on. The whole set up seems like my friend and I, were the only ones that look alive. He hold my left hand tight and told me “Don’t worry as soon we will arrive” I asked him “To where?” he only smiled back at me, without saying anything else. Neither less that him not answering help in any way to calm me down.
Some say that to see a train in your dreams, is a life altering event to come.
I know that I have being alone for quite sometime and that even having past relationships and dates in the past 7 years, these guys have always made me feel alone. My Spanish friend and I, seems to have many things in common but what I appreciated more with him, its our sincere spontaneous friendship. He is like an old friend that  I have knowing for long time and haven’t seeing him for a while. Why he was in my train dream and seating already waiting for me? those are questions still to answer with time. All I know now, is that drastic and fast changes are coming, whether I am ready for it or not, I must go thru it…

Until next blog…

Many Blessings for you.

For further information on dreaming about Trains, please take a look at the information below, along with their links of origin.

What does it mean to dream of a train?

Trains take us from one place to another so their presence in our dreams may represent a journey or direction that you are taking in your daily life. ... Alternatively your dream train may be telling you that your one track mind is limiting your flexibility, perhaps you need to re-consider your current train of thought.May 30, 2013
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What does it mean to dream of being on a train?
To dream that you are on a train symbolizes your life's journey. It suggests that you are on the right track in life and headed in the right direction. Alternatively, the dream means that you have a tendency to worry needlessly over a situation that will work out in the end.
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What does it mean when you dream of traveling?
To be traveling in a dream is something a lot of people dream about. And no wonder, because “travel dreams” are often about our own journey of life – our movement forwards (or backwards) in life, that is. The following describes various aspects of what it means to travel in dreams.
What does it mean to travel in a dream? - Michael R Olsen

 Main symbolic meaning

  • Restrictions of freedom (rails)
  • Gaining or loosing great opportunity (catch / miss the train)
  • A mission (a route with a final station)
  • Motion or stagnation of events (still standing / fast moving train)

Basic train characteristics for further reading, click for site here.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Experience Through Mediumship Development

Fox sisters

   I am sure many of you wonder how is possible that some people are able to talk, sense or hear the dead. Even more, how can they possible be able to pass messages so meaningful to the ones still living with no rational or logical explanation of how they got it.

Like you, I have these questions as well have many doubts and skepticism about it. However, my journey through Cartomancy somehow led me to see all this talking to spirits, as a limitless pool of possibilities. 

The first time I saw a spirit was when I was about 9 years old. I saw it just like a real person, can hear her breathing and how she put weight on the bed as she sat down to observed me. There is more details of this story that I am not going to discuss here—however that was the beginning of my journey through the spirit world.

Through the years, I had so many encounters as well stories that up to this day baffled me in many ways. While reading the cards, in few occasions I can hear them as well see them. My dilemma with spirits is that once I get to see them, I can’t pass the “aha’' moment and excitement. I just can’t  calm myself and ask these spirits “Who are you? Why you are here? What message you have and for whom?”

This led me to seek help among many of my mediums friends. I got ideas from them, of how they connect but never found it practical. I always looked for some classes and books that can help me. Finally, after all these years—I was lead to a class of Mediumship development near by the town from where I live at. I signed for it and up I went.
I didn’t have any expectations and went with open mind. Hoping that I can finally control the fear and anxiety to it and believe me—I succeed.
There was 17 of us taking this class, only two brave man, the rest were women. I saw clearly all path of life among them as well their open mind and wonder about develop themselves through this type of classes. There was no gypsy like or hippies—there were just regular people. The teacher was indeed an energetic woman, with the skill to teach but more over with the kindness to handle all our emotions through this class. The first thing this teacher did was thrown us into the mediumship with no parachute. Luckily, we all survived the first round—it was indeed a warm up for what came next through the hours.

Its hard to explain how I felt spirit on that day, but what the class gave me was the confidence to trust the unseen and just spit out what comes to mind.  Seems to me through all the readings I got that day, that my father’s family showed up. From my grandfather, grandmother, my father’s baby sister that died many years ago. However, only one Army soldier showed up for me—to asked for forgiveness from me. The readings I gave to others really blown my mind, here I am thinking that I just spoke my imagination and the one hearing it—wonders how I got such details with such accuracy.

In one of the readings I gave, I was blindfold as part of the exercise—in which we don’t see the person for whom we reading for. I have to rely first on my empathic skills and later on, I have to trust the visions I saw. This woman was very grateful for the reading I gave her as no other medium was ever able to contact her dead mother as I did. It was indeed mind blowing!
The last exercise was about to be stage medium—gosh you talking about being under real pressure with this one!
I gave two readings, to two different women. To one woman the reading didn’t do any sense but to the other it did. I remember that when I looked the room around seeking for whom to read, this lady got my attention. I asked in my mind what can I possibly say to this woman? Right on that moment, I saw the vision of this old lady, touching her heart and as she did, I felt a metal object on my heart ticking like a clock. I heard clearly this woman with lots of excitement to tell this lady that “Don’t worry dear, still ticking, everything will be alright.”

I felt apprehended about saying this to this woman across the class room, but I said it. Her face of wonder made me felt like I most imagined the vision, that I might be wrong as she didn’t gave me confirmation if any I said made sense to her. The class was over, we all were exchanging business cards and contacts—when the lady I gave the message about “still ticking” came to me. What she said really made me felt, that there is life after dead after all—that I didn’t imagine such.

She said to me, that both of her grandmothers were recipients of pacemakers later on their lives before passing. She also stated that recently, she got a pacemakers itself and she fears that it might not working properly—for which she constantly ask her doctor and spirits if she will be alright. She stated that when I said those words “Don’t worry dear, still ticking, everything will be alright” was indeed a confirmation for her and her question, giving her peace within.

I must say this class to me, was just the beginning of a new adventure. Two days after that class, I woke up by a pass by spirit named Joe. He just showed up and said hello and that his name was Joe. I asked what you want, he just said—nothing, I just stop to say hello. Right after, I felt his energy leaving my bedroom—I see now that the door of spirit world is wide open. It’s up to me to explore and that is what I will do.

Love and Light Everyone!

Liz Figueroa

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dreaming of Black Bats

Black Bats
These scary creatures of the night from which many tales have been told from generations past. Some find them cute, others found them as pests of the night—but for others they are just a nightmare.
Bats in dreams have many meanings and purposes. Some to guide you, others to warm you of omen to come.
In this particular dream, I saw myself bringing food  (sweet potato pie) to this friend of mine at his house. As I approached the front door, I felt a foul smell that I couldn't make anything out of it. As soon as I opened the front door, I saw hundreds of black bats coming out like something spook them. Literally, I can say that they “came out as bats out of hell.”

Somehow, their escape didn't took me over, as they all skipped me—as I got some invisible shield  that they only can perceive. Through their escape, I can clearly hear their screaming sound that sent chills through my spine. I can smell their stench and felt their warm all around me. Suddenly, right after all the bats were out of the house—here comes my friend running out of the house. I saw him as I have never saw him before. This one was wearing a medium grey suit, with a hot pink shirt and black tie—he even cut his hair real short.
He was anxious and in a hurry—as I asked him where he was going; all it came out of his mouth was “I am late, I have to get out and do something, I have a job interview.”
He left me, standing there with the plate of food and drove in his black car, away from the house. I woke up in a sweat, wondering what that dream be about. I felt like it was an omen of some sort but couldn't figure out. I noticed that I was getting late for going to work myself. So I rushed around the house to get ready before heading to work and do my usual commute of one hour towards my job.

During my travel, I noticed that there was icy patches on the road and that the roads were not salted for the heavy commute of the morning. I took precautions, but they were not enough for what I experienced that morning. As I drove, I saw few cars in the ditches while police was trying to assist them. As I finally approach the big city, I was coming down a hill towards a bridge. Suddenly, I noticed a pile of cars crashing among each other due to the icy roads in front of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Museum’s first entrance. I tried to slow down but it was too late for me, my car was sliding side to side and suddenly it went on spin, turning me over 3 times.

Finally, my auto stopped just feet from a high sidewalk. As I look up who might come to hit me next. I saw that all the cars after me, turned side ways avoiding me—it kind of reminded me the bats of my dream avoiding to crash on me. Ironically, my car stopped right in front of the Harley Davidson museum second entrance just feet from the original pile of cars in the first entrance. As my friend from the dream, he is a Harley mechanic and its fan of this museum as well. It was indeed a bad dream and a bad experience right after. Don’t know if the dream was warning me about the experience right after—or there is more to come with that dream….time will tell indeed.

The bats on dreams can have many meanings, to some they are source of wisdom, to others a warning or omen. Others see them as spiritual totems as others just see them as nasty rats with wings.

For some the bats means rebirth and initiation. Here is few links of what Bats in dreams might means.
Hope these help you to understand these creatures in your dreams.

Love and Light for all of you! Until next time…
Liz Figueroa

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Man in My Dreams

Many people dreamed about somebody known or unknown in their dreams. In most dream interpretations, to dream about people its just a view of one’s self. However, I wonder how true this can be.

Through my life’s journey, I have dreamed about people that later on I meet in real life—giving me that sense of déjà vu, wondering why this person looks so familiar? or wondering if I dreamed about this person or this one visited me in astral travel.
 Spirits of our loves one, they always find ways to communicate with us, either through giving us suggestions and signs, when mostly needed. However, they often comes in our dreams.
Spirits can give us messages of support and love as well warnings—but in few cases they try to tell us about what its to come or to ask us to finish what they couldn't while alive. I often felt the presence of someone very significant in my life, through suggestions or signs. His suggestions often popped in my head with the urgency of his typical personality. However, in this particular occasion—he wanted me to write a letter to give closure for someone else. Which for weeks, I kept ignoring such request.

That particular night, I woke up  feeling that someone was talking to me all night long but couldn't recall much of the dream—all I have in my mind was to write that letter I keep procrastinate for. Without further delays, I got off the bed that morning of Sunday June 29, 2014 around 5:00 am I sat to wrote that letter he wanted me for.
Once I finished the letter and emailed, I felt like a heavy weight was lifted and the air became more lighter. However if left me wonder what was the entire dream about.
That noon, I went to a workshop about Dream Yoga, in which teach recalling dreams through the vibration sounds of Hebrew words. It was an intense class, but through it I managed to recall the entire dream of early morning. In this dream, I saw the spirit of my love one getting near the bed and saying clearly “Write the letter because its needed for everything that needs to happen to be in place and for everyone to move on with their lives as they should.” Right after he said this words on the dream, I felt transport to a beach with a wide shore where there was an amusement park. I vividly smell the ocean air, heard the seagull flying by, felt the wet sand through my toes as I walked through it. 

I was not alone in this dream, there was a man by my right side holding my hand. This man was not known to me. In this dream I  saw that we both were happy, like celebrating a moment. I couldn't see clearly the face of the man, as the sun was behind his head blinding most of his features. However, I saw that he was taller than me, in shape, older, with dark and grey hair almost at shoulder length, facial hair and large smile under his mustache. Suddenly, my eyes went towards our holding hands and saw clearly that the man was wearing a gold wedding band.

I snapped out of the deep meditation where I was recalling this dream and understood the urgency of my love one’s spirit in writing the letter as well the vision of this man on the beach. It was about total closure with everyone as well  I felt it showed me, who might be my next and last husband. I am writing about this, despite it happened back in June, because I believe its important and that I will meet this man of my dreams within a couple of years. I want to come back to this blog and see how accurate this dream can become. Until then, I will continue with life as it comes—one day at the time.

Many Blessings for you all ~

Liz Figueroa

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dreaming of Being in a Horse Race

Horse racing
Dreaming about horses is a very common dream, you either see a horse, ride it, encountered, talk to it etc.
However, after having two dreams about horses within one week. I started to pay closer attention to it.

This dream might be more than a dream, perhaps a warning about my actual path. Its just a matter of time before I totally figure what is this dream about. Hopefully, I will be able to act upon it and rectify what needs to be put in order.
The setting of a dream is as important as colors, smells, people and the era—since these characteristics say as much or more about what the dream could be about.
The setting of this dream in particular, seems to be from the Medieval era. Everyone in this village, was dressing like working class people—having a community festival of some sort. I walked among this very green grass, pushing myself through lots of people, to take a closer look of what was going on. As I approached the horse riders, my eyes went to this girl who has black hair but her ends were light blue, like her hair was touched by blue light. I thought for a moment, why the punk look in a Medieval era? Before I started to reasoning about that detail within this dream. I noticed that she was ordered to dismount the horse as she apparently was not worthy to ride this beautiful light brown horse.

Suddenly, the old man directing this community race, pointed at me—saying “You will ride this horse, against the newcomer” pointing at a young man in raged dirty clothes, sitting on this big black horse.  Neither of these horses have a nice seat over them, only hand woven blankets cream in color. I looked at this brown horse, who looks peaceful in nature—giving me the feeling of knowing this horse, from before I became part of this dream.
He bow his head towards me as a signal that is ok to seat over him—perhaps he sensed my fear to his magnificent presence.
As soon as mounted, I was directed by the old man to be beside the newcomer who is my rival on this race, as a signal that the race will start soon. As soon as the old man screamed to go, we both started to raced our horses like our lives depends on it. The scene surrounding us was of great beauty—resembling places like Ireland or Greenland. With its luscious green pastures and majestic mountains. Suddenly, the rocky path we were riding on, split in two path. This split came so fast that neither myself or the other rider can fit on either the paths side by side. A quick decision needed to be made, of who goes in each path.

The young rider, choose the right path, which was a upgrade hill boarded by high rocks that seems to be unsafe and dangerous. I turn to the left path which was a muddy path, with smalls water ponds around it. As I kept riding, I lost sight of the other rider. Despite such,  I kept riding and I started talking to the horse. Telling him that I was not sure we took the right path. The horse turn his head to look at me, but ignored me and kept going at high speed.
As I kept riding, I noticed something peculiar about the water ponds surrounding this path, some of them were with clear water filled with very green grass—while others were with dirty water in it.
Suddenly, we starting to jump dead trees found laying through the path. These seems to be ancient, with their bark gone—they look almost as petrified wood. Some trees were thin while others were of medium with. In each jump, I felt like my life was passing through my eyes. I keep telling the horse to avoid them, that there is no need to jump them. However the horse ignored me, while noticing that we were not in the original path any more. On each jump, we ended up running on water, each time more deeper that the last jump.

I kept looking for the other rider and finally saw him way up in the hill through the rocks, like he was stuck. He couldn’t go down but couldn’t go further forward. I kept going with my horse, who has a mind of his own—while jumping these dead trees. While my heart was rising through all this jumping, we encountered a huge thick tree. I can see it from far and I begged the horse to please stop. I keep pulling the reins to make him stop but all my efforts were in vain. As we approach this huge tree, I felt my body elevating up high while seeing the legs of this brown horse stretching as far as he could to pass this huge log. Everything felt at that moment, like we were going in slow motion.
 I can clearly heard birds and the crowd voices from far. I felt the uncertainty of the landing as I didn’t know what was behind this huge log.
Once we cleared the huge tree, we fall into a deep pond with clear water but with tall green grass in it. The horse tried to maneuver forward through it but the tall grass was entangling his legs as he try in vain to swing through it. In a desperate attempt, I pulled the reins real hard—forcing the horse to go left and off the pond. Finally, this horse accepted the command and we reach out for a scape route. Suddenly, we started to raise from the pond as we finally touch hard ground—then I woke up.

Note: I highlighted the key words of this dreams with useful links found on the internet for further interpretation of those key words within this dream. Talking about direction, either going left or right—in the Tarot when the characters in the Court cards are looking towards the left, its know as the character is looking at the past of its situation—while they look towards the right, they are looking toward their future.

Quick Analysis: This dreams obviously is referent to an ongoing situation, for me to dream about Medieval times it denotes the doubts, suffering, believes. A time of domineering and controlling attitude. In my daily life, I am constantly battling with these issues of self doubts based on my past believes—these force me somehow to be constantly trying to control or dominate my emotions through the whole situation.

In this dream is talking about two people in common, myself and the newcomer rider. We both have a horse of different color and we both come to a end of road where we take different paths—which neither one is an easy one. Choosing the rocky up hill is like going against the odds and without having a clear plan of how to conquer such adversity—ending stuck with no clue what to do next. However, choosing the muddy path surrounded by water in which I ended into it-- leads me to believe that although I see great opportunity of survival, I have the choice and free will to either go through it or choose to abandoned the race I put myself through it.

Each water pond is relate to suffering or emotions but each dead tree relates to obstacles that in this case are self inflicted.

In this dream seems like I am in a race for reaching who will come back to the village, victorious. However, one is stuck in rocks while the other abandoned the race all together. In relationships, you either go side by side to survive all obstacles but when both are on different path making individual choices of how they want their lives to be without each other—more likely the relationship doesn’t survive. I believe this dream is warning me of the path of the new relationship and its up to me either beats the odds and continue or count my loses getting out and be grounded again. Dreams not necessary make sense after dream of them, but with time every aspect of a dream when we pay attention—we found the needed understanding. Once reach, we grow in spirit and become ready to embark into a new human experience.

Thank you for reading about this dream, hope it helps you in your own dream.

Love and Light for all of you..

Liz Figueroa