Do not look back in anger, or forward in fear, but around in awareness. -- James Thurber


Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Monday, September 17, 2007

~ The Sad Lady in Blue

While I was in bed with husband, I saw this woman floating front right to left my bedroom door, calling a man's name. She passed the door, like she was in the computer room. I called her and asked her, "Come here, what do you want" she approached me and as she did, I noticed that she was floating about 1.5 feet above the floor. She was wearing a light blue dress like turquoise blue organza fabric dress, look like a prom dress with shoulders straps. She had long black hair with a sweet face, possible 18 yrs or earlier 20s, white skin. She asked again for the man's name which I quite not well remember but sound like "Ted" or "Ed". I told her again, that there is no one here with that name. She looked at my husband and call him by that name. I told her again, "No, this is not who you looking for, look" as I uncovered my husband to show her that she was mistaking him.

I saw her dissapointment on her sad face, suddenly right behind her it came this hispanic male, light skin with yet black hair part to the side. I only saw him from shoulders up and like he was covered into a white cloud. He looked at her with love and compassion, then he looked at me and smile sweetly. I was paralized like I didn't know what to do next or ask but for sure I wanted to ask more. Husband, woke me up asking what time was, I told him 4:25am.

Now I am wide awake, wondering about this dream and who are these people. I remembered last night talking with God as I do every night. I asked him about my spirit comunity and the fact that I had seeing and met 2 of my spirit comunity, the hispanic woman that I call "Jelly Bean" and the police officer name Jerry but wonder if there are others, wonder if I have what my friend Diana call the "gate keeper". This dream came about and wonder now, who are these people, or its just another of my vivid dreams. Who knows........

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