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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

EVP Experiment

For those that might like to hear what departed love one may say in a recorder....go to this site

The host of this site, say that anyone can catch EVP messages from departed love one by doing the following:

Take a photo of your departed one and your recorder. Stare at the photo without saying anything, close your eyes and say the following....My name is (state your name), I am reaching for the circle of heaven for (state the name of your departed love one) and remain in silent while the recorder is rolling.

Try to find an audio software like "Audacity" at which is free if you look for it on the internet. This software is perfect for listen to the spirit message in more clear way. I will try this and see what happend. By all means if you dare to do the experiment........follow your protection ritual and let us know about your findings.

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