Do not look back in anger, or forward in fear, but around in awareness. -- James Thurber


Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dreaming about Spirits

Yesterday afternoon, I have my first attunment for Reiki 2 level. Everything went fine and it was more stronger than any other attunment I have. I went to bed around 11pm and for some reason that I don't know, I dreamed vivid dreams of seeing spirits moving around. People on low level of spirituality alone with several confuse of what was going on with them. No one talk to me, I was there just as an observant. Some of these spirits were in complete form, some were like half mist, half human form. At one time, I was walking down the street when I have to turn to my right since this guy just went thru me and even didn't noticed me. I woke up and went back to sleep, then I start dreaming that I was on a police investigation looking for evidence. For some reason, I knew where to look and as I keep finding evidence that self knowledge lead me to it, my other partners wonder and saying, how the hell you knew was there?. I remembered I told one of them, "Don't worry about it, I just know" with a smile.

Curious thing happend during the dream, as I kept searching, I open this garage door and found my items that I lost during a burglary of my storage unit a couple of years back. The first thing it got into my mind was "Nothing is lost in God's mind" and I woke up. I don't know is these dreams were symtoms of my recently attunment but for sure, they were quite interesting.

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