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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Have you ever encountered a spirit?

       A lot of us have encounters with the unknown in which our bodies react in different ways after the event. I am going to try to give an idea of what is like to be near spirits and how your body will feel, during and after worth, based in my own experience.

       First, let us understand our bodies in terms of energy. Albert Einstein used to say that energy can change or mutate, but it cannot be destroy. In terms of describe a spirit; we have to say that a spirit is energy. It moves at will, can mutate, can travel long distances despite time and matter, but it can never be destroy. We can do any ritual to get rid of it and it might be effective but it can not be destroy, it just move to another plain where it continue being a spirit perhaps with a better out bringing.

       Many of us think that in order to encounter spirits, we have to visit a cemetery or a hunted place. However, it does not work in that way.

       You may wonder why some people can see spirits and others not? The answer is simple, people are like radio receptors, some have the most sensitive equipment while others not. I also believe is the levels of awareness and psychological state of the individual. After all, you are what you believe you are, so it goes when is about believing that there is spirits in one specific place.

Ways to know that spirits are near you:

1. There cold spots in your house, despite your thermostat is set to warmer temperature.
2. You enter places and suddenly, you start feel upset with no reason for it.
3. You can be alone in a room and have that strange feeling that someone it is looking at you from behind, forcing you to look in that direction.
4. There is tingling sensation behind your neck or the entire back of your body. In some cases, this sensation can be so strong that make you move to a spot where this unbearable tingling sensation can stop.
5. You can be doing something that requires focus and suddenly your mind started to remember a relative that died sometime ago for no reason at all.
6. You can find familiar smells around your house for no reason or causes.
7. Things in your house or work places started to disappear and then appear in the oddest places.
8. You can feel drawn to look at certain point and find nothing but a faint mist in the air with no human or weather situations that can create them.
9. You enter places that suddenly something make you change your mind about entering and not be able to explain your feelings about it.
10. Unexplainable winds blowing your hair when there is no window open and no physical attributes to cause it.

In the other hand, you do not have to see full body spirits, to know that you just encountered one.

Typical characteristics of an encounter:

1. Your body feel drain out of energy for no physical reason that justify it.
2. In some cases, the sensitive person can suffer “sadness attacks” as well noticeable depression with no prior history of mental illness.
3. Spirits among younger people: mood swings are noticeable among them, especially when there is no psychiatric history.
4. Hear your name call or voices when there is no one talking to you or anyone around you.
5. Animals, lights or any electrical appliances start to behave erratically for short periods with no explanation.
6. Objects falling from tables or walls, with no physical explanation, that attribute the movement of the object.
7. A person that encountered a spirit started to shows unexplainable illness mostly associates with the spirit while still living.
8. Some people suffer from heavy headaches or strange aches between the eyes, during and after encounters.
9. In some cases, the typical unease sensation associate with spirit encounters can remain with the persons for hours.
10. Worst scenario, some people can feel nauseated or faint, after an encounter.

       Another characteristic of walking among spirits: It is when these spirits go through your body, leaving you with a tingling or chill sensation, even when the weather has nothing to do with it. You can be in a park or in crowded places and still feel this sensation passing through your body. It can come at you from the front or going sideways.

       You may wonder what you can do to avoid all this. Honestly, you cannot avoid them, since they are all around us. However, there ways to protect yourselves but that will be another post.


  1. Very interesting. Isn't it possible that the spirits around you can be good souls. As there are both good and bad people there can be good and bad spirits too.

    I will be waiting for your next article...

  2. Hello, I read your article with a great interest, and I want to share mine with you as well.
    I've encountered spirits since I was so young until this day, but I just keep for myself. Some scared me and some were just like human beings. One of them (like us humans) spoke to me about half hour or so while I was biking near by my village. I didn't think she was a stranger but when I turned around she disappeared in just less than 10 seconds. She predicted about my future. But because I am a spiritual person since I was so young I think she was Blessed Mother. I am feeling few spirits are living with me, I just knew it, and at least two have followed me to everywhere.
    In 2007 my god-aunt took me with her to see a Psychic for herself, but she just wanted me to come along. The minute I walked into the room, the pyschic complained to my aunt that I brought spirits with me.
    Last summer I visited a pastor in DC, and one in VA, but the minute I entered their rooms, the pastor(s) told me I brought spirists with me. While I was chating with her she told me again "two spirits are standing behind me.."
    None of them hurt or harm me. May be because I am an orphan and the only thing I knew in my life since I was a child is to pray God. I survived alone and my education and career were given to me by God.


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