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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is Hollywood gone too far with the paranormal shows?

       Don't get me wrong, I am a number #1 fan when it comes to the paranormal stories but what Hollywood is doing, its killing the reality of what spirits or ghost really are....

       ...Hollywood in its own world of "made belief", shows the ghosts or spirits from the perspective to made money at the box office and nothing else. However, in my experience.... ghosts or spirits are not all that fancy as Hollywood perpetrated them. For me, to see them scare the crap out of me, like for example in one night, in which I was semi awake and I saw one. I remembered that images of a man started to flash in front of my eyes like a flickering light, finally when it stopped, there he was.......a ghost or spirit maybe. However, if I was asleep...I have never seen any man in my dreams hovering 3 feet above the ground, with empty eyes. LOL.

       Spirits can show themselves as a thin mist, a shadow, a burst of light moving from one side to another, and in the most odd cases, they show themselves as a whole person or just a partial part of them. I will say the general rule about spirits or ghost, will be like feeling the sensation that someone is in a room with you even tho you are completely alone and no one else is around to play a prank on you. Nerveless to say, that ghost or spirits are sources of energy and they used to be people like you and me. Should we play with them, like Hollywood do? More likely not.

Let me start with the TV show "Ghost Trackers" one of the many of reality shows, in which expose children to go into hunting places to investigate. If you are into spirituality or any belief that deals with the paranormal, have you see any preparation done with these kids prior to deal with spirits? I meant preparation, as far as protection against any entity they might find, have you? You see, ghost or spirits in hunting places, they haven't cross over. Therefore, they still can keep that malice or what ever bad behavior they had in life, and most likely it will reflect in spirit world as well the world of the living. This is where attacks by spirits come from. Me personally, I don't agree with exposing kids to spirits or ghost, like its a game-- since this game can backfire in a hard bit, specially with children involve, since their psychic is very vulnerable.

Another show will be the "Supernatural". This show deals mostly with urban legends among spirits, demons and what have you. The show keep some factors on the realistic side but as we all know, Hollywood had to do its "touch-ups" here and there. Don't get me wrong, the show is good entertainment, among the fact that the two guys are to die for. Yeap, I will go with them ghost hunting any time LOL.

Now lets talk about the show "Ghost Whisperer". This show started to be real good on its pilot episodes, but like you well know.......there is come Hollywood! One of the producers of this show happen to be one of my favorite Medium/writer James Van Praagh. I am very sure he is not too satisfy about the turn of the show, in which its more into the Hollywood side than the reality itself, but I guess it pays the bills, ain't that right James?

Now lets go with "Medium" TV show...among all the shows, I like this one better and its because is more into the investigation side and into resolve problems or crimes, perhaps because I am into law enforcement but regardless, I do like this show. I can relate to it more, since I use my intuition in my job most of the time and when I do, I never go wrong in my hunches. I love to help people and to resolve problems when it comes to my work, and this show its more at my alley despite my husband hates Patricia Arquette, LOL.

Last but not least, the "Ghost Hunter" TV show. You have to admit, these plumers know their tools! LOL My husband hates when I watch this show and you may wonder why I watch it?. Well, it tickles me at times, how this grown men, tease the spirits and when they show up, it freak them out. I just waiting to see them running like other ghost hunters do in other shows I have seen on TV, LOL. Now the question is, why you go investigating with all that equipment and once the ghost show up, you get spook by it. You figured, that after all this time they have been doing it, they should be cure from spooks. Reality is that spirits or ghosts, no always show up on demand. It takes a special person to see them or feel their presence. That special person becomes a radio transmitter, some have the volume on high, others are in the lowest setting. This is why some people can see spirits or ghosts and others don't. Can this be the case with the "Ghost Hunter Show", in which they discard the place of investigation just because they didn't get anything on their equipment or on their human sensors? Who knows..but I will continue watching it, to see who is going to take off first, LOL. two cents.


  1. I know what you are talking about Liz, I find the whole Hollywood make-over a bit disconcerting but all that matters is money yes at the end of the day?

    I have watched couple of episodes of "Supernatural" and must admit it is my kind of show from what I have seen, a bit like the X-FIles without all the conspiracy crap weighing it down.

    One of my favourite shows right now is "Medium" and it is one I can relate to the most, ordinary people with unusual abilities, maybe by watching this I can get a sense of what I am doing I think.

    On your comment about hunters looking for ghosts or spirits and then screaming thier heads off when they find something I cannot agree more, in England we have "Most Haunted" and the most annoying thing is this useless presenter who spends the first half off the show talking about how she wants to see the other side and the second half screaming her head off and running from the room....and Derek Acorah who always seems to spur her on yet doesnt really get anything of use, all his abilities seem to be is picking up the tiniest thing and then waiting for others to feed him. I just wish for once they would end up in a building which is not famous in some way for its activity and let him show how talented he really is without all the un-nessesary prompting.

    I do not know how unfair I am being towards him but all we see on TV is him coming up with a name such as "John" and then the researchers telling him how fantastic he is lol

  2. There was a show here called Medium, depicting an english medium..but i had just come back from the states then so did not get it all...but what I did get was how they showed it as if was...the suffering, the anguish, the joy etc...

    Yes, we need more of a reality show on mediums/psychics/tarot card readers etc...let the "others" see us for what we are...scared, harassed, tormented etc, but with spirit helping us and showing us the wonder of our gifts..and the help we can give to others, without the greed that most of us are branded with.

  3. I think with these kind of shows that they can only go so far. Look at ghost whisper. Every show is pretty much the same. She finds the ghosts, fixes the problem and then they go to the light. The pattern is the same just with different ghosts. I used to watch it all the time and then just got bored. I like how they are doing more shows that depict how mediums and psychics really work and the process that we have to go through. It is not as easy as they make it appear on tv.


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