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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Self-Hypnosis: A Past Life Regression Experience

       There is a lot of talks about past life regression through hypnosis but I always wonder if self-hypnosis will work as well as the hypnosis section that a trained psychologist can do. Being an self proclaim investigator, I put it to the test.

       I bought a past life regression self-hypnotic MP3 and have the most wild experience through it. I saw myself in Wyoming in the 1830 living in a solitary rustic cabin. I was a female about 17 of age, unhappy for been so far away from family, having a marry life of my own. I saw myself dying from delivering a baby boy and seeing my husband looking at the baby with resentment. I saw myself going into the light and my dad extending his hand at me while dying. The funny thing is that resentment have hunted me in this present life and the man married to me, I have see him twice in dreams before this experience.

I was deep into the hypnosis and still wonder it this was just a trick of my imagination or it was memories of a real past life, that seems like mine but at the same too distant? who knows?

During this self-hypnosis, the images were so vivid alone with the emotions. However, everything made sense somehow. My actual husband don't like children, can't stand be around them or hear the cry of them. I don't mind be around children but once in a while I feel uncomfortable around them without knowing why. I am very attracted to old timer farm tools and anything from the 1800 era, so is my actual husband. We even love country life and always take vacations on remote cabins in which has no neighbors at all, very similar to what I saw during my hypnosis. In my trance, I saw that we were self sufficient during our lives. In the actual life, we are very independent and crave to be in the country side becoming self sufficient as well. Nether less, my crafty habit for making soap, was learn through family through generations, I feel I used to do it back in the 1800 as well.

At this point, I feel that me and actual husband, we are living the same karma in this life. The baby boy, its today my daughter. All those past resentment feelings were lived through my daughter's childhood and now that I look at it. All the resentment, I use it against her. Because of it, I don't think I surpass the past life karma, I failed at it, but I am grateful to understand it now. Perhaps, be a better grandmother, might compensate of me being a bad mother back then.

It seems to me, that this past life and the one describe to me by another medium in which I was married to an indian man (shaman) that wore a wolf head, are related karma. How do I go to get this resentment out and amend my past into my present? This seems to me as an ancient story that have repeat itself not once but 3 times so far, thought past life and this life. What can I do, to fix this? :)

If you find sites, offering free MP3 of self hypnosis, let me know. I found an interesting site that sell those hypnotic MP3, you can find them at here


  1. I think its uncomfortable to make a self hypnosis as it would lead to getting lost to your past life memories and return with a different personality and memory.

  2. I thank you for your opinion but, I take everything with a grain of salt. I do everything like a scientist, through trial and error and learn from it. For me, I rather live life to the fullest in everything I do, than going through life afraid of trying anything new, thinking that I will return with different personality or memory. Can't live in fear, ...fear is a great enemy of enlightenment. :)


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