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Friday, February 20, 2009

Paranormal and Hollywood Actors

       Its amazing the imagination some script writers have about the paranormal, some are close to the real thing, some are far from the reality of it. However, I noticed something today about one of my favorite actors, Nicholas Cage.

       I noticed the synchronicity of movies he has done lately, relating to either Masonic mysticism or paranormal nature. Let take for example the following movies:

1. National Treasure (2004) a movie that make you wonder about the world of Masons and their mysticism.
2. The Wicker Man (2006) a movie with a twist into worshipers of dark nature.
3. Ghost Rider (2007) a movie originated from a comic book, a deal with the devil sort of speak.
4. Next (2007) a movie about a man that can predict the future within 2 seconds, with an unbelievable clairvoyance/remote viewing skills.
5. Knowing (2009) latest movie about a code letter found in a time capsule that predicts where the next catastrophe will occur and how many people will die.
6. Dresden: A TV series in which Nicholas Cage is the executive producer. Its the story about a wizard fighting the evil forces while protecting mortals from it.

       Today I found out something more amazing about Nicholas Cage while searching through Wikepedia, he is the owner of a medieval castle in Oberpfalz Germany (Schloss Neidstein) and he also owns the most haunted house in America, known as The LaLaurie House located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.

       Looking at the nature of his late movies and properties he owns, with ancient history into it.... it makes me wonder---is Nicholas Cage attracted by paranormal and mysticism roles for been the most cash at the box office or there is more to it, that we don't know about him?

       The man grew up into Roman Catholic religion despite that he claimed of not being religious. From a Italian father and German mother, both heritage known for being very superstitious and from unprecedented mystery and mysticism. Don't get me wrong, I am not accusing the man at all, I highly admire him for taking such risky roles, in which fascinate us as well it make us scare of the unknown. The man has what it takes for the roles somehow, and I hope he continue doing this type of movies, giving us the look of possibilities of what IF, is this real? We will never know what will be next with this actor, but I hope he keep up the good work :)

Interesting isn't it? :)

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