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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Are We All Healers?

       It’s a misfortune that us as humans in this reality we are living, we have to label ourselves to find a sort of identification when it comes to special skills or gifts of spiritual nature. Lets take the case of healers—some people call themselves healers, in which they use the healing skill to make others illness either to disappear or be less painful.

       However, I concluded that as we all can be psychics, we all can be healers. There so much of the human body and mind we don’t know, why not consider the possibility that we all can be healers as well? The truth is that we all have the capability to heal ourselves and in most cases without the need of someone else. The problem I noticed in which this don’t manifest as it should, it could be blame on our lifestyles, behavior patterns and believe system.

We all vibrate at difference frequencies, you might not see it with your eyes but you can hear it and feel it. Let’s take the tone of voice of each individual as an example of hearing it; the vocal cords vibrate in certain way giving a distinct tone of voice to each individual, with no duplicate of such vibration in others. Each person has a vibration frequency and this one can be amplified by emotions of the individual as well illness, a sensitive person can identify by sensing or felling these frequencies by just standing beside these individuals.

Everything vibrates. When two things vibrate at different frequencies, there is a tendency for the vibrations to come together. Let’s take for example the babies at the nursery, during their crying, you can hear them how they all come together to cry at the same time. It’s like instead of hearing a bunch of babies crying, you just hear one or two. Or take the example of few women living together, as time past—all of them when it comes their menstrual period more likely they will all menstruate at the same time of the month.

You may ask if we all are healers, what is really the function of a healer? While the person is ill, their vibrations are out of frequency and at lower level, causing all kind of disturbance in the physical body, leaving that person unable to heal themselves. A person with a high frequency (healer) when they touch or get near the ill person, more likely the ill person’s frequency will rise up to match the high frequency of the healer. In other words, the “healer” all it does its helping the ill person to get in the right frequency by allowing the ill person’s frequency to match with the higher frequency of the healer.

You may ask yourself, why some “healers” end up sick after a healing is perform, is not the lack of protection neither not enough prayers and intent, is the residual of vibration frequency left from the ill person in the energy field of the “healer” that cause this sensation of illness. I will say that in order to deal with this, separate from the ill person, go to another room and do breathing exercises to make your vibration frequency back to normal.

After all, see healing as the friction among magnets, once you put the magnets in separate locations they can’t attract each other since they are away from each other magnetic energy field. With all this said… there is not such thing as healers, because we all have the capability of heal ourselves as long we allow ourselves to vibrate to higher stronger vibrations.

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