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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Clairvoyant Experiencies: Random Views Of Future Or Just My Imagination?

       I believe that the skill of clairvoyance is like watching a movie in vivid color in which you can be just an observant or feel/sense interaction with the vision. However, I am going to write about 2 visions I have while reading a book that has nothing to do with these visions at all.

       I was reading this book from Gregg Braden "The Spontaneous Healing Of Belief" he was referring to the Universe as a computer. While reading this I suddenly saw myself sitting at the military doctor's room and saw the female doctor saying to me that they couldn't find anything wrong with me other than a mild infection. I snapped out of this vision and tried to focus in my reading, wondering what the heck that have to do with the reading, perhaps my worries are catching on with me or maybe is a glens of a near by future, who knows?

As I tried to focus in my reading while real into it, suddenly I was out of it and found myself sitting over these rocks in a remote area, looking at the back of a wooden house that reminded me of a cabin hubby and I, rented long time ago for a mini vacation. I was sitting over these rocks with the intention to meditate, when I saw this green snake similar to a water moccasin snake, crawling over the rock towards me. I saw it then crawling over my right leg. The funny thing about this vision was that I saw it with two endings.

The feelings of fear and alarm felt in my body through the vision as well the sound of the reptile crawling over my leg. I shook my head trying to snap out of such vision but when I did so, I saw myself calling my husband asking for help while the animal over me. I shook my head again trying to snap again from it, then I saw myself jumping out of the rock with the snake still laying over my right leg. However, my right foot got into a hole after the fall and I saw my ankle braking. Finally I snapped out this terrible vision, got off from the bed where I was reading my book, wondering what the heck is wrong with me.

Am I so worry about health, return back to my base and going on vacation so bad, that now I see things as visions from my head. Is this my imagination or subconscious playing tricks on me? or perhaps this indeed are views of future or views of a hidden message yet to be discover? Who knows, but I am making sure to write it here before it happens, just to have a record that I did saw it through visions.

Today is my doctor's appointment in this military hospital to get the results of my biopsy so lets see what that doctor has to say :) I will keep you post it :)


  1. Hi, Liz! So glad that you are alright! I think your vision was precognitive clairvoyance. The snake could represent two things, and only time and your intuition will tell. Firstly, it could just represent your fear related to the health issues. Secondly, snakes are symbolic of kundalini energy. Some meditation related to chakra balancing and repair might be in order, as the dream might be a message that you need to balance and re-orient your energies and their flow. I sometimes do this to myself when I'm feeling off. I use a technique described by Keith Sherwood in a book of his that I've had for years, from the mid-80s to be precise. If you're interested let me know and I'll see if I can put my hands on the book and send you the technique. Another really good book for such information is Hands of Light by B Brennan. Hope you are on the mend and feeling better!

  2. The first one is quite obvious I think, but it does seem to have come to a point where you have started worrying of your health and i certainly hope there is nothing. . . .

    The other vision was a bit more symbolic i think, as I do not believe you are going to meet a two headed snake (at least not a real one), but this could be a warning to you. Since health is occupying you much it could have to do with that of course (something with the right leg perhaps?) or it could be just like a dream symbol, which alarms of friends betrayal. Or someone betraying your trust.

    I hope you will find that the doc will tell you nothings wrong with you anyways. I hope we will be posted on news.
    Love and light my friend.


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