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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Concept of Soul Group: Born and Dying As A Group

       In New Age groups as well Metaphysical groups, there is a theory or believe that we all choose our lives before we come to Earth to live a human experience, likewise when we die--we could die as an individual or died in a group of individuals...remember is your choice.

       You made say "I didn't choose to be abuse by husband, parents, etc." "Why should I choose such a terrible life or death?" The truth of the matter is that we decide our fate in the name of learning, we born, we grow, we learn, we die either as individual or as a group. However, if you don't believe this concept, then you can do like everyone else does...blame it on God's will or the devil itself, its up to you...either way from your upbringing to your death or the death of learn something whether you like it or not. You could learn forgiveness, love, compassion as well hate and resentment. What you do with that learning, its up to you and between you and God, if you believe in him.

I am writing this after seeing the news today in which it trigger my thoughts on agreeing into dying as a group. Here are the news, all happened in one day and at this point March 11, 2009 is not over yet:

German shooting death toll reaches 16

A gunman has gone on the rampage in Germany and shot dead at least 15 people before being killed himself. Read more here

Gunman kills 9 in Alabama rampage

At least four other people, including a child, were injured in the rampage which took place across two counties in rural southern Alabama. Read more here.

Baghdad suicide blast kills dozens

A suicide bomber has killed 33 people and wounded another 52 at a market in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Read more here

If we look at these death from the Bible's point, we might say we are living the end of times, in which the blood of innocents will run through the streets. However, at this point I want you to reconsider of why we choose to live and die in such ways... are you learning something so far?

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