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Monday, March 9, 2009

The Number "12" In My Dream

While the numbers 11:11 might be mystical or spiritual, in my dream I came across the numbers 12, not only once but 3 times in the roll 12-12-12.

To the best of my memories since I don't have my written notes with me of this dream. I found myself like being a spy of some sort. I was with a young man, seeking this government safe that needs to be open. When I found the safe, we found that have a triple vertical combination asking for a number. We were running out of time and I came with the number 12 for the first one, the lock open. Then the second one, I tried other number but the only number that seems to works was 12 again, so it did for the third lock.

       I opened the safe, just to find micro chips in a zip lock bag, alone with CDs with encrypted code in it and a decoder machine for the CDs. We heard sounds and we ran with the bounty to what was suppose to be my fathers house. I say this since I never seeing this house before. We were talking to my father (that don't look like my father at all) and asking him to put the bounty inside his safe. He was telling me something that I can't remember now but we heard a woman's voice saying that they spot us that they want their secret back. We ran out of the place with the goods and I woke up from this dream, wondering what could be the meaning.


Searching in the net for meanings of 12-12-12 I found this site that refers to bible chapters and all refers mostly about Israel and Revelations. For that site, click here

A very interesting site on the number 12, I found the following:

According to some testimonies, there would be on the planet twelve rich families which would be at the base of a "secret government" whose their only goal would be to direct and to enslave the whole world by the power of money. This government would have a seizure on United Nations, the military, the agencies of information, the World Bank and of any tool making it possible to make and to act as they want. According to other sources, this secret government would be rather a meeting of multinational and thirteen rich families. Some authors see even in this secret government an analogy with the Beast of the Revelation.

Also from the same site the following:
~ The number 12 is used 189 times in the Bible.
~ The Gospel of Thomas uses on the whole 12 different numbers: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 24, 60, 99, 100, 120, 1000 and 10000. The sum of each of their individual occurrence gives as total 36.
~ The number 12 is used 7 times in the Koran. (Koran II,57; II,130; III,78; VII,159; VII,159; IX,36 and LXXXV,1)
~ The word Gehenna is used 12 times in the Bible, the 12 times in the NT. In the Gospel of John, 12 times the Christ is designated as the Son of Man. Read more from this site here

On a forum I found the following posts:
"I did sum research on 12:12 and found a few interesting things. for one, in the year 1212 the children crusades started, by the Mayan calendar the year 2012 signals a time of change somehow spiritually or economically (the fall of civilization), then in the bible verse 12:12 is "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer".

Also at the same forum there is this interesting article on 11:11 click here

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