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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Knowing: Nicholas Cage

       I really enjoyed this movie, from start to end. At the beginning, he was explaining the theory of determinism, randomness and the Universe. Which I think is like opening a can of worms or defines who comes first the chicken or the egg. Me personally, believe in synchronicities, that there is not coincidences, things happens for a reason.

       The movie mostly is base in Out of space beings coming to warn us about these determined events that develop through the movie. Which I think it refers somehow about the concept of born and dying as a soul group as the Tibetan book of dead explained.

The most impressive part of the movies was the aircraft crash, the derailing train and the landing of the space ship.

Now about the aliens, it kind of reminded me about some parts of the bible, when they describe angels. Just put yourself in the shoes of people during Jesus times 2,000 yrs ago or more. If you see aliens as the movie showed it, I am very sure, they will confuse these beings as angels or men with wings, which I think was very impressive part of this movie.

I am very sure there are lots of movies with different views of what the end of the world would be like, however “Knowing” went a little higher and with more look into what out of world beings would do in such case, if they really care for humanity. I believe Nicholas Cage, did a great job in this movie and I am glad he turned down the offer of another movie in which he will play a wrestler champion for doing the movie “Knowing”. It’s curious to see the type of movies Nicholas is been doing lately, most of them deal with supernatural , ancient history or evil, either way he is doing a great job in all of them and I hope he keep going doing movies like these. Knowing, it will be one of my favorites and a movie that I will not be tire to see over and over again.

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  1. Nicholas Cage movies are awesome to watch. I watched the Making of Knowing and it was great. I decided to watch the movie but it was no longer being played. Have to wait for DVD then...


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