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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dream: When hearing a Hawk screaming….

June 28th, 2009


       Yes, I have the tendency to have vivid dreams but this one left me wondering what it could means. I don’t remember what I was dreaming about but I saw a hawk in flight and I could see his eyes like I was flying beside him. Suddenly, it started to scream and even as I was coming out of this dream, I still could hear its scream through the bedroom. What foretelling this dream might bring, its up to see.


My friend Christina Fargher wrote me this meaning about hawks:

You are caught up in too many details so step back so you can get a greater perspective on the situation.
stay alert and focused on the task before you, elimination as many distractions as possible.
spend some time observing and studying the situation and when its time for action, make it quick and decisive.
pay close attention to your surroundings as you're about to receive an important message.
be aware of any personal or psychic attacks and be prepared to defend yourself.
stop trying to change others or the situation and work instead on accepting things as they are.

From, I found this meaning:


Hawks are interesting dream figures. They aren?t quite eagles, but they definitely rank above the crows. Like the eagle, hawks are common symbols in many cultures.

Native American dreams revere the hawk and eagle the way the Greeks revere Zeus and Hermes. The hawk is the warrior-visionary while the eagle is the sacred wisdom and power. Full article here

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