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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spirits shows themselves in different ways, I guess..

February 23, 2010

 Beetlejuice Yes, its getting weird as days pass indeed.. today I went to bed around noon, since I have to work my night shift later on today. Somehow, I must have an out of body experience, I remember wanting to go to the bathroom since my bladder was about to burst.

I went to the bathroom or dreamed that I did. The joke is that I washed my face when I felt a presence walking behind me and sitting on the toilet seat. I didn't dare to look up right of way, kind of ignore it but it was seating right besides me. I heard this young man possible around 17, saying.. "Don't fake it, I know you can see me, you are safe with me" so I moved my neck to my left and start seeing this guy from the bottom up.. didn't saw his shoes but he was wearing tight pants in vertical stripes of navy blue and white. Followed by a dark almost black short coat or jacket, kind of reminded me of Beetlejuice character.

As I keep my eyes up looking at him, saw that his hair was yet black parted in the middle but the freaky thing about it, was that his right side of the head the hair was shaved and designed as corn rolls in black man, mostly resemble the shape of a brain from the side, while the left side was long and straight black hair passing his shoulders.



It gets interesting when I saw his face, he looks like a Mediterranean male, olive skin, almost diamond shape face with a dark black mustache.. kind of reminded me of Vladimir the impaler from Hungary. I thought "Darn, do I need a cross, wood sticks and Holy water for this fellow? WTF!  LOL 




This sucker just looked at me and in a fabulous gay fashion ( no offense) he said  "I brought something for you" and put this necklace made out of small beads white and black in color and wrapped around my left hand. I started to wonder what it is with jewelry and spirits?.. this is the second time..

Anyway, I said to him, "You know, this is too girly, you might as well give it to my daughter she likes this kind of stuffs" He said then "I always bring presents to your daughter, she has tons of it in the drawers inside the closet, I brought this one for you".  I smiled to him and accept the present and felt suck back like in a vacuum and woke up in my bed.

Looked at my hand but nothing was there, so I figured it should be some symbols involved on this starting from this freaky fellow's outfit, to what he gave and said".. don't know.. but its getting weird as day pass for real .. I guess cosmic changes and symptoms of ascension can make you see weird things indeed LOL


Is this was a dream or this was real?.. I start to question this myself     LOL..

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