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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Greys: Second Encounter of the Worst Kind….


   I have read comments from people… human beings actually, that claimed to be "The Greys" or incarnation of such. They are always against humanity or human condition by their negative attitude and words. I thought that they were full of crap and their subconscious was overly suggested by TV shows and events like "Roswell Crash". However, the experience for me was not pleasant at all and as well there is
"demonic entities" that can attach to humans, so can be "alien attachments" as well.

   This past February 16th, 2010, I woke up suddenly by one of these "grey" aliens. He was hovering over me, when he noticed that I was awake and looking at it. He immediately move in 90 degree angle toward the corner of my bed, stop and then move out of the room through the door. I never sensed it like a earthbound, spirit or dark entity but as a solid intelligent being. After all, through my experience with such, they never came this way.


beamtransporter This "grey" alien appeared like a blob of water approximately 5 feet tall, kind of reminded me of the transportation center of Star Trek when Capt.. Kurt, said beam me up Scotty, remember?  Was moving fast and felt solid. When he was hovering over me and lift up to move away, I felt my whole body going up with force to the point of end up sitting on the bed, watching this being. It was past mid night when it happened and I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night, feeling he was still watching me.



The experience left me shock up for few days until the ultimate happened on the night of March 3rd, 2010. He was back and with an agenda of its own. I felt unease that night, thinking that something is bound to happen but didn’t know what. I tried not to lay on my back so hubby will stop waking me up by claiming that I snore, so I lay on my belly with my right arm out in another pillow. I must be half awake and asleep when I heard a voice saying, “This is why Commander Davidson declared the war”, I woke up from that dream, to realize that this being was in top of me, pinning me down to my bed. His skinny hand was holding my right arm against the bed and I tried to get loose from this being by trying to get up but despite the struggle, he over power me. I screamed but no one heard me, I asked God’s help, I called anyone that can listen to me during this fight with this alien being, but what ever this was… doesn’t have remorse or respect for God itself.

During the struggle, he put something IN me, on my back facing my heart. What ever it was, burnt the hell out of my back, felt like 3 hot rocks were placed on my back. The  heat sensation, felt on my spine from my upper back, up to the base of my neck. It was such, that I have to take off my pajama shirt to feel the cold air of the room on my back. I was shocked of such event, and I keep praying for God and trying to cover myself with light to avoid any other attacks. Next morning, I kept feeling I have something on my back behind my right shoulder blade and I asked hubby to check on me, but he didn’t find anything, not even burn marks of any kind.

After the event, I started to noticed that when I talked in the phone with friends about this event, the batteries of the phone die for no reason. Even when I chatted online about it, my PC was acting up. It came to the point, that what ever was on my body, was listening and trying to manipulated me somehow. Every time, I started to talk about it, my arms were getting numb and my spine from my upper torso,  up to the base of my neck , started to get freezing cold.

I knew then, that what I was experiencing was an “Alien Attachment”. If you think that only spirits and entities can attach to you, you better re-think this again!.. because "Alien attachment" is the worst kind.

How I got rid of it?……I placed 2 magnets on me, one on my back and the other on my heart and I went into battle with this being in the astral plane, alone with all the help I can find, including 3 light workers friends of mine. It was a battle that took must of the night and from which I don’t remember much, but my 3 friends remembered with vivid details. All I can tell you.. I no longer have or feel in me what ever they put on my back.

Alien Agenda: "The Greys" are running out of time and I know I am not the only one that have suffered this experience, there is more and more like it will happen, before the year is over. "The Greys" have one year left of freedom on trying human experimentation with our DNA, there will be no more of this as 2012 is approaching. It’s a race of good vs. evil, Dark vs light and the clock is ticking. You may found my story as crazy or as sign of an unbalance person, but I know that when you get your own experience with space aliens as "The Greys".. you will not think of in such way.  "The Greys" are after people that have awaken into spirituality, light workers and such are prime target.

Watch out!  You might be next………

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