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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Being A Light Worker …..


     What really is a Light Worker? I believe there many misconceptions and believes of what a Light Worker should be; for sure all of us may come out with different views and opinions, if we are face to face with the question. Such variety of concepts is normal, due to the fact, that everyone including myself, has a different perception base on belief and knowledge.

Not everyone have to be gifted as being a psychic/medium/healer, to be a Light Worker.

     A Light Worker is someone that is advance spiritually, while living on Earth in a physical body. They are sensitive beings with his/hers surroundings. They are capable to use their inner light as well cosmic light to help others around them. They also can walk between realms and use Divine light to benefit others. Being a Light Worker is about being selfless when helping others with their problems without being judgmental or feeling fear. They are self sacrifice as well forgiving, compassionate and understanding persons. For a person to become a Light Worker, he/she have to help others, transitioning through their spiritual path, since that is part of their mission on Earth.  Few of them, put themselves in danger while helping others with only their faith in God, as protection.

Most Mediums are potential Light Workers, depending in which side they choose to be as Light Workers. Meaning that they can work with the light for money, self pride or fame, while others help without expecting any material prize in return. Your advance as a soul is enough payment for them, since it help them to advance as well. In a way is understandable of why some Light Workers charge money, not necessary as a exchange of goods but as a control of other’s people energies that they get in contact with through the day.

A compassionate being with life experiences and wisdom, can be a Light Worker and no realizing of being one.

      Thought my experience, I have found that “True Light Workers” don’t charge money for services, since they are aware that is knowledge available to anyone. They are very compassionate and forgiving beings, that don’t allow pity emotions like anger and fear to get in their way, when helping others.

      There many people claiming themselves as to be working with the Divine Light or label themselves as “Light Workers” while harboring grudges, anger, jealousy and any other negative feelings within them. When they are allowing these feelings, they are far from being “Light Workers”, because those feelings can slow down their own progress as a soul. You may wonder, how is possible that they still can perform healings, medium/psychic readings, while dealing with those negative feelings?. The answer lays in the ability of that person to center themselves, while putting those feelings away from their aura, to access Universal Knowledge and help others. A beginner in Light working is most likely to do such thing, while a more advance Light Worker will work with their own feelings first, before they continue doing work on others.

      Is not easy at all to be a Light Worker, because they still have to live their own human experience while helping others. I believe the main key to be a Light Worker is to know and love themselves, in order to learn to know and love others. After all we are mirrors of each other.

I only hope that future Light Workers, get a better understanding of their mission and skills, before they start helping others.

Love and Light Everyone!

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  1. Most people that claim to be light-workers yet can't let go of their personal hurtles during spiritual work are not just hurting others but themselves.

    Not everyone can be a light worker just because they say so. They have to believe it and live life to its fullest, helping themselves advance and assisting selflessly in the spirtual growth of others.

    I think that you have really explained the true purpose of what it means to be a light-worker. A light-worker isn't fearful or grudgeful, they are loving and understanding of the pain of those that need guidance in the school called life.

    Most people that wish to work in the light need to be reminded of this constantly, because if they forget, they step out of the light and become lost into petty emotional trials that could had been handled with more wisdom of a higher source.


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