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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Center Yourself and Pray

Vivid Dream

April 19th, 2010

Vivid Dream Centering and Praying ED Small (1)

    Don’t know if it is the pain I am going through or the pills for it, either or; is creating a vast arrange of dreams for me lately, but among all the dreams this one somehow was very unusual.

I found myself like in an amusement park scene. Lots of people, lots of noise but pretty much everyone having a good time. I walked down the hill and noticed this woman that look islander in her features. She was olive skin, heavy set and her hair was brushed to the back while her hair was hold in a big pony tail.

She was giving remedies and spiritual advice to the people coming to her table.

Her table was silver in color with bright white stars on its sides. There was lots of people coming and going to her. She seems familiar but couldn’t figure out from where I known her. I just stood there by the table waiting for her to come to me wondering what she can possible tell me. Finally, she came to me and said “You need to center yourself, here is this stones, take them and use them everyday to center yourself while praying the centering prayer”. The stones were look like tiger eye stones, set in 3 lines all together from small, medium and large. The “Centering” prayer was in a neon blue paper of the size of a post card, with black letters .

I remembered giving her a few dollars cover with some pieces of cardboard and she took it and put it away in a table behind her and she continued taking care of the rest of the by standers by her table. Don’t know what the stones have to do with centering, but its clearly she was advising to look within me during these days of sorrow and sadness after the tragedy.   Find my inner peace, everything is within me.

Woke up out of this dream with my hands in the air like still holding the stones in my left and the post card blue paper on my right. Somehow it gave me some comfort and hope:)


Love and Light Everyone!

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  1. Since you're finally beginning to open up after meeting your Totem Animal Sheba, your other guides are finally making some form of first contact. Just keep a positve outlook and remember that you're not alone and that alot of people, both physical and in spirit, love and care for you.


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