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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Chocolate Store

Vivid Dream    April 21th, 2010


          For a woman dreaming about being inside a chocolate store is like visiting a special type of Heaven. If you are a woman, you know what I mean by this. Yeap, most of us get weaken at the knees when seeing chocolate, like an addiction of must have and if we don’t have it,  attitude will show up, as a tool of self defense in our right to eat it.

      In this particular dream, I found myself in a very small candy store, full of tall glass windows all around it, but most of the setting was set in blue colors while the entire store, was pack with all kind of goodies. Most items in the store was chocolate but while browsing around, I saw other things that are not even near as good or resembled as chocolate .

There were chocolate candies from most exquisite taste and high dollar value, to the less in value or appeal.

I was with another woman from which don’t recall seeing her face the whole time in the store, as well there was this old German man as a store clerk. The old man was wearing a blue boina hat while his silver shinning strands of hair was coming all around it and going below his ears.  He was wearing bifocal glasses from which he was constantly looking above it with a suspicious look of wonder about us, while inside the store. He also was wearing a white shirt while a black apron covered the rest of his body.  There was sounds of door bells and birds inside the store as well. It felt like a day in Autumn, not cold or hot, just getting ready for bitter Winter.

We went around the shelves looking at the variety of chocolates displays. There was chocolate from every part of the world, either alone or combined with other ingredients and arranged in the most original weird ways. They were staked in such manner, that defied gravity in every way possible. I felt like in a Wonderland, full of delicious surprises. Then I came across this huge blue bin or basket, in which look mostly empty with few scraps of candy left in the bottom. It was like a combination of toffee, chocolate, and peanuts, while the entire combination was covered with seeds. When I was about to reach for a piece and taste, the clerk called my attention and told me to look up at the sign above.

I was expecting to see a “Buy before you eat” sign, but instead there was this grotesques sign with big black letters saying “$100.37 for 37 pounds”.

I was wondering, who in the world would like 37 pounds of chocolate and not even allow to taste, all I wanted it was a piece to taste, nevertheless 37 pounds of it. I implied to the clerk that the bin was almost empty and all I wanted was to taste one of the scrap pieces from the bottom. However, in his attitude and broken English German accent he said “The sign is what it is, you can’t just taste it, you have to buy it for what is worth or leave it alone”. I felt embarrassed as well disgusted with the remarks, other than the hefty price. I then, instead of keep browsing the other shelves, moved to the shelves in the middle of the store. These shelves contained other candies and goodies other than chocolate and with less value. I remembered grabbing a bag of plantain chips, and a bag of corn and chocolate powders to mix. Went to the clerk and in attitude dropped the money on his counter and walked away with my friend.

As I was leaving, I saw the old man picking the coins I dropped over the counter while in silent and in total sadness. Seeing that, made me felt so ashamed of my behavior and without saying a word, I continue walking away from the store while looking disgusted at what I bought, waking up from this dream in total sadness.


Reflecting on this dream, I believe the whole store was all life experiences in different shapes and flavors. It came to mind that while wondering through life I have made sound choices as well making other bad choices, from which I have learned to live with it. In this case, I was presented with something beyond my comprehension but instead of taking it for what it was worth and trust it, I decided to choose the easy route, being cheap and walked out of the store with things I even don’t need or have no clue of why.  Typical of my life indeed.

Looking at myself in that dream as well my gullible friend and the old man, they all were mirrors of myself as well. My attitude through life sometimes can be too  trustful as well being suspicious of everyone and everything. At times, I felt like I must have or deserve things through the sacrifices I have done or my accomplishments, but most times not willing to pay the price for what its worth, always looking for easy way of things and move on to new things when I can’t have what I want.  In the dream, I felt a deep shame for my choices and for hurting the old man because I felt his deep sadness as my own. I really need to look at what is presented in front of me and take it for what is worth, after all who am I to judge God or other's sense of value.

The almost empty bin resembles my life, with experiences hard as toffee, bitter as chocolate, rough as peanuts, covered with bitterness and the seeds are the people I have being around which were part of my life as well life’s experiences. It is what it is, no time for tasting, I either get as it is or leave it alone or perhaps change it. I have decided that I need stop questioning and analyzing the choices presented to me, either in the astral plane as well the physical. When I do that, I tend to jeopardized my own progress or the encounter of better things while trying to find pros and cons beyond of what they are, even before going through them. I do need to do sound choices and what ever the outcome learn to live with it, but never quit in front of the choice presented no matter how hard they become. Not to leave even without trying, and if I failed… just keep trying.  The need to fill the almost empty bin of my life with better candy and learn to value for what is worth, is a must.

It sure was a lot of candy in my life’s choices. :)

Love and Light Everyone!

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