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Friday, April 9, 2010

Got Psychic Sponges?


     No, this is not a “New Age” Advertisement!     This is about people, I have encountered and I call  “Psychic Sponges”. 

A Psychic Sponge, is a person that needs to be in constant “contact” with more advanced psychics, in order to obtain their energy and become psychics themselves. They do not take the energy from others, in obvious ways as Psychic Vampires do, they just take the leftover or residual energy discarded by the advanced psychic. They are often confused with groupies or psychic junkies, because they need to be constantly around psychics or people with ESP skills in a group setting.

They are not limited to extract energy from psychics alone, they can also become sponges from healers and mediums as well. Yes, they can heal people and see/hear spirits as well as a skillful healer/medium do. I mostly consider them as “Hypochondriacs on Steroids”.

You can find that 2 out of 5 people you know, can be psychic sponges---either on purpose or unaware of it.

You may wonder how can this be possible?  First, you have to understand that we ALL are energy, connected with each other, no matter the distance. When we interact with someone, we are sharing our aural/magnetic field with others on purpose or unconsciously of it.  This sharing can be subtle or strong, depending on the empathic level of the individuals involve.

For example; When a skillful psychic/medium tap on Energy Fields or Universal Knowledge to give a reading, after using that energy, will have to discard or dismiss the leftovers by sending it back to the source. During that release, that energy has part of the psychic/medium as well. Lets say that psychic/medium interact with the psychic sponge person after worth, more likely that left over energy that still linger around the psychic/medium will go through the psychic sponge person, making them seeing and sensing as they do even helping them to give a reading to others with the same skills, manners and energy of the skillful psychic/medium. Remember, energy can NOT be destroy, it travels as wave of sound and it will bounce in any obstacle it finds causing a ripple effect.

This type of sharing psychic energy is temporary, so the psychic sponge person will have to look for more in order to continue giving readings.

The typical “Psychic Sponge” is a “people’s person”, they need to be around people most of the time. They can be very emotional with heighten Egos and constantly bragging about their new found skills. They can become as good or bad healers/psychic/mediums depending of whom they are in constant interaction. They  doubt their own discernment and usually “Copycat”  who they admire.  Several of them can become emotional unstable, delusional or having mental problems. Others run with the new skills believing that it belongs to them and consequently start charging people  for psychic/medium readings or healing services.  The Psychic Sponges, doesn’t have a deep understanding of the skills they acquire through interaction with others. Is like “Oh, I can do this and do that, I am a psychic!….. I am going to make a living with this”.

The danger of being a psychic sponge, is that in the same way they can take leftover energy from advance people, they can also become open for unwanted attention from “Entities” or “Earthbound spirits”. Yes, they can also share others karma’s repercussions as well.

What can you do about them?

Understand that by allowing sharing, we allow others to be fill with what they lacking off---is like a “give and take” cycle with no end. There is nothing wrong by sharing your knowledge and skills---- but be ethical, respectful and professional about it.

If you know that you are going to be in a group of people in which might be a psychic sponge person, do the following:

  • Cover yourself with Divine Light—set your boundaries! No one can enter and share your space unless you allow them.
  • If you spot a psychic sponge person, avoid sharing your spiritual experiences with them and shield your aura’s energy while interacting.
  • After a reading, command leftover energies to go direct to the Universe or source, before you interact with anyone.
  • Separate your daily life from spiritual life when interacting with psychic sponges. Have in mind that spiritual awakening varies by individuals. Everyone have to seek their own connection with God as direct source of Divine Energy, not necessarily from other individuals.
  • If you are good on teaching spiritual matters, teach these individual to understand what they are feeling through their own higher self. Learning to know what belongs to them and what is not, will be beneficial to them.
  • Emphasized to these people, that everyone have their own style and interpretation of Divine communication….teach them to learn their own style, interpretation and Divine vocabulary alone with their own discernment.
  • Above all, LOVE THEM as you LOVE YOURSELF--- because like you……..they are extension of God as well. :)


Love and Light Everyone!

Namaste! :)

Note: This post is based on my observations through daily interaction with people in group settings for the past years.

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  1. I really like this article, especially since it's really hard to tell the difference between a sponge and the real thing. Don't get me wrong, psychic sponges have a very unique ability just like medium/psychics do. Unlike most medium/psychics, they can assimilate perfectly with someone else's ability in a perfect copy. Most psychic sponges I, myself, have encountered used this ability for good since unfortunately most 'true psychics' exploit their god-given gift making it hard for normal avarage folks to seek out the help and guidance of a light worker since there's a high price tag attached.

    Some people may become frightened a the mere idea that people can be influenced in such a way by mere risidual spirit particles in the atmosphere, but this is something quite common. Energy is all around us and can influence our thoughts as well as how we feel, it's just that psychic sponges pick up a specific kind of energy unconsciously (because they are usually unaware of this). I've never heard of any of them purposely taking the energy from another; that would just make them fall into the psychic vampire category. They only pick up that hangs around in the air.

    The only way a psychic sponge can become troublesome is if they let the overwhelming energy they receive get to their heads. This could lead them to separate from other's in the spirit community which will make them wind up having a very intense 'dry spell', because they'll believe they are above the others. Or they could become overwhelmingly active in the spiritual community because the psychic energy meetings between spiritualy enlightened people can be somewhat addicting,especially they too become very enlightened and speed up in knowledge that just POPS out of nowhere in a alarming rate.

    I think that they do need to be in some form of continous contact with spiritually knowledgeable people in order to further their own unique gift.

    Like they are people that specialize in healing, clairsentince, clairaudience, clairvoyance or transmit/sensing in empathic sense, psychic sponges specialize in being able to 'connect' intensely with the people around them like a 'sharing of souls/ablity'.

    Even though, unfortunately, from my experience, some psychic sponges tend to have mood swings if people in their spiritual community refuse to give them attention because that plunges them into a 'dry spell'. It's not a really good idea to tell a person to take a hike out of your group just because you suspect they're a psychic sponge. Believe me, I've had bad experience reggarding this due to being harrassed by a desperate sponge that doesn't understand why he/she isn't able to sense what they used to sense out of lack of contact. That is why instead of running away, simply explain it to them so they wont fall into a depressive state and help them understand that this is just another ability given by the devine God Energy.

    Everyone is special in their own way.


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