Do not look back in anger, or forward in fear, but around in awareness. -- James Thurber


Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lessons From Fear


April 1st, 2010

Fear, is a powerful human emotion, that can destroy or save us beyond our comprehension. However, when Light Workers, allow fear into their lives, it can become a death sentence of his/her spiritual development.

In the same way positive thinking can attract positive abundance in your life , with “fear” you can bring negative and unwanted attention from entities or “thought-forms” energies, hidden in the dark.  Yeah, the man hiding in the closet, from our childhood comes alive again! …. Remember him?

Don’t go fearing everything that goes bump in the night, since in a way…… you can bring it to life, with your fears.

I have always considered myself a persistent and brave individual through all my life history. I have being through child and spouse abuse, suicide, homeless, nasty divorce, racial discrimination, and two battlefields (Bosnia 1995-96/Iraq 2008-09).  Despite all that in my past, I can’t never call myself a victim---because I survived all that by thinking “Tomorrow will be a better day than today” as my positive affirmation.

Yes, I am a survivor and I made it, without “Fear”.

On my return home from Iraq, all I found around me---was negative, the economy, my spouse, my friends, co-workers and my job. Instead of repel it as I usually do, I dragged myself in the anger and pity that others were displaying around me, and became one of them. To top all this, I started to paid attention to “Spiritual friends”, that live their lives in fear, of something that they can barely grasp the full understanding of it.  Yes, they have the fear of “Entities” or invisible “Dark forces”. Don’t get me wrong, entities, negative thought-form or dark forces are real and powerful, and can get a live of its own….. as long you believe in them or feed them with fear.

Somehow, this type of  fear escalated and went out of control, feeding among spiritual friends with even more “fear” and attracting more darkness. Observing all this,  my intuition was telling me that if I stay around all this, “FEAR”  will cloud my inner light and discernment,  eventually taking the best of me. I realized, that I didn’t want to be another victim of fear and neither from these “Paranoid Spiritual Friends”. In the sense of knowing that fear and feeding entities, can spread like a nasty virus; I disconnected from all my friends, innocents and guilty alike.  It was necessary for me to be drastic, in order to find myself again, in the Divine Light of God!… just because I allowed other people’s energy and discernment to turn me in something I didn’t like to be…. a victim

Through my experience with this type of FEAR,  I acquired my share of knowledge and would like to share with you as well…..

  • I have learn that as a Light Worker, we always need to be with positive attitude. When you are positive and accept even the worst around you life as a lesson, and become grateful for it, darkness becomes light.
  • Never fear dark forcers or entities, cover yourself with love, observe and study them instead. So you can find a way to cover these beings with love and push them toward the Divine Light for their own spiritual growth. If they refuse to go into the light and continue being evil, find ways to destroy them or ignore them… eventually, they will find another host to attach from, like they found you.
  • Don’t go assuming that entities or negative thought-forms, belongs to someone or somewhere, and consequently out of your own frustration, fear and anger---you go pushing or sending it towards another human being. When you do this, you create a “Boomerang Effect” with no end, creating a negative karma towards yourself. Remember, entities are parasites that attach themselves to weak and fearful human beings. Send them towards the Divine Light of God, the best you can.
  • As Light Workers we are here to serve humanity, when you see another human being in darkness, don’t run like he/she is a nasty leper. Stop! cover yourself with Love and Divine Light, become a teacher and give survival tools to that human being, …so he/she can get their darkness away by themselves. …after all,  God help those that helps themselves.
  • Through understanding and knowledge, everyone can be their own demon or entities slayer, the power have been always within us. We can heal and progress as a soul in many ways, don’t over shadow it with FEAR.. Snap out of it!….
  • CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS! don’t let frustration or anger take over of you! Anger is a bad as Fear, get over it!
  • Sometimes we don't even know that we are afraid which is what truly screws us up in the end. The trick is in honestly knowing yourself. Most people don't try to see themselves from an abstract point of view, so they don't really know how their attitudes come off as to others.
  • Above all, I have forgiven all those in fear around me. I have forgiven myself  for allowing others to bring FEAR in my life and spiritual path as well for putting FEAR on others.

I have learn many lessons from this type of “FEAR”…and I know I will continue learning as I go through the path of spirituality while seeking the Divine Light of God.  I only hope that others learn to live without fear and become survivors by my lessons or their own. I am moving out and forward for my own spiritual development… some have done it through groups, others alone like me… the end, we all find our way somehow and I know I will find mine as well….but WITHOUT…  FEAR.

Final Words for ALL Light Workers:  If you claim that you ONLY work with Light, …..DON’T EVER, invade or force yourself into others spiritual boundaries against their will or without their permission; neither in astral plane or through psychic sensing, not even to find out the source of your own fears. This is very unethical and can bring karmic repercussions towards you own spiritual progress……. and if you already did?… I know you are feeling the repercussions!…….  :)

Love you all always…

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of the negative effects of fear. We have so little time in the scheme of things on this earthplane, why spend it on anything but that which empowers us, rather than saps our energy and negates our highest good.

    Sweet Blessings, Sweet Sister, for sharing your valuable insights.

    Love, Light & Joy --Linda xoxoxo


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