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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Somewhere and No where

Vivid Dream May 11th, 2010

Anglesey, Llantrisant, Old Church - Door and Doorway           After a very tiring day helping my husband moving his business to another location, I must say that I was exhausted and at the same time unease while on bed of how tire I was.  I remember praying to God, but instead of asking the usual, I just surrender and told him “Show me what I need to know, because I have no clue and neither expectations of what could be next. I am just going to allow you to be just who you are”.   I was not expecting much of the night, because usually when I go to bed real tire, I ended up having nightmares instead of dreams.

However, this vivid dream became like the Groundhog Day movie almost at the end of it.

I was somewhere and no where at the same time, because I have no clue where I was. The whole dream or dreams started with me driving a car through a corn field ready to be harvest, and at the end of the road, there was a tall metal fence showing a refinery alone with an entire city, behind it. The fence was locked and as I look left and right of the fence, there were mud roads on both sides, while the fence seems of no end. I wanted to go through the fence, but I saw it more impossible then possible, so I drove back through the fields and got into this small town.

While driving, I kept stopping and asking people where is the exit to the main road, however they kept giving me the wrong directions while keeping me going in circles around the town. I remember getting out of the car, and trying  to get into a gather of people up on a hill, under a huge tree. I hiked a green lime rock to get to them, while holding a yellow carnation in my mouth. This time, they pointed me  towards an old building with different levels, with old adobe walls painted in white and thick wooden windows and doors.

I entered the building and as I kept going through its hallways and rooms, I noticed water dripping from the walls. I look through the windows but there was nothing but blue sky, no scenery or sign of grounds howsoever.  I started to get desperate, because I felt like the starting point seems to be the same, no matter in what direction I moved through this building. I stopped and started to think that there most be a meaning through this and perhaps finding that meaning I can find the way out. I woke up when I opened a door and there  was bright light through blue skies. I stayed in bed for few minutes trying to make sense of where I was, I got up for a minute towards the bathroom and return back to bed. Then I fall asleep briefly, when all I saw was this huge book opened up in from of me and my eyes were taken to one sentence. Which was saying “Use self-hypnotism to start up, motivate and take procrastination away”.  I quickly woke up from this dream, wondering what the heck was that about.


For I gather from this dream, the corn fields represents the field of life or field of experiences, it was the vast knowledge accumulated and ready to be harvest, but at the end was showing 3 choices. Either find the way into the city or keep going left and right with no end of the road.  Instead of seeing possible for me to go into the city, I saw it impossible at first sight and rather turn back where I came from. Doing so was not a good choice, since through the dream everyone I was meeting in my path was giving me wrong directions, turning over and over to the starting point. Looking at this through my life, I can see clearly that I have done bad choices, trusting people that didn’t know what they want in their own lives but willing to give opinion and advice about mine, based on their own fate.

Going up through the green lime rock, I associated it with healing through rough times and although making it to the top while holding a yellow carnation representing Divine protection, I still asked others the way out of the town, instead of seeking it within myself.

They sent me to the old house which represent my own life and soul, they allowed me to see myself from the inside, as well showing me that the outside of my life there is a vast sky with no limits. It’s up to me, to either jump out or walk out from my old me, to a space without limitations. It’s like the whole dream is asking me to go back and change from inside out and stop limiting myself. As well asking to stop asking others for directions because the answers were inside me to begin with. In the dream, I have everything to be into that new city beyond the fence, but the limitations I put to myself at times, made me going in circles, doing wrong choices and meeting/listening the wrong people. It’s time to walk out of the door of my old life, into a new life where there is no impossible and no more tears.

The second dream about the book, was no so much about hypnotism, but more about get off my butt, motivate myself and stop procrastinating. Now, these things I must say is the main ones stopping me from going further and from which I need to work with first.

Love and Light Everyone! :)

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