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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spirit Encounter: Meeting a Schoolmate

May 27th, 2010

school desk         Yesterday afternoon, I lay down in my bed, since for some reason my stomach was not setting right, I might slept for about 2.5 hours and woke up with a mega headache from hell. All the right side of my head was hurting and up to the neck and back of the head and my ring in the ears was worst. Honestly there was no reason for such headache. Don't know what was that about, it took me a while to find balance and move around the house. I continued doing my chores around the house until bed time, around 10:45pm

        While on bed, I attempt to meditate but Dixie my cat, kept meowing around the bed, to the point to make me got up. However, it was nothing to it, she only wanted the closet door to be open for her to investigate it, still don't know why, it most be a cat’s thing LOL.

Finally made it to bed, the ringing in my ears was getting louder. I grounded myself and visualized around me my usual protection cocoon, started to clear my chakras and open my heart to connect with the grid. I talked first with Shiva my totem animal, then with my main guide, a Mayan indian I call Seth, then with Patricia and I even saw the oriental guy dressing like a Buddhist in red rope who I called Lee. I told them, that I wanted to be ease into getting to see, hear and talk to spirits like it was during my younger years before I shot down the gift; that is time for me to re-learn to do so, in order to help them and help the living as well, but that I wanted Seth to be who control who comes by.

I might doze off during this meditation and somehow I found myself walking into my living room. There I found this man, in his late thirties, medium built, with olive skin and yet black hair, seating in my loveseat. He looked very familiar like someone I met in school long time ago. However, I find out that he was the spirit of a schoolmate of mine original from Dominic Republic, who I met during high school back in 1979-80, while living in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

He was very kind, timid and smiling and I sat beside him in the loveseat of my living room. He said to me among everything he said, that to see spirit I don't have to tense up my body in bed to force out of body experience, that with just the intent and thought was enough. He said fewer things that I wish to remember now.

The funny thing was that during our whole conversation, I felt someone behind me at all times listening. Didn't felt bad but like it was part of the encounter, so I am assuming was main spirit guide Seth, to monitor this spirit encounter.

I do remember turning towards this schoolmate that if I am not wrong he said his name was Dionisio or Ernesto.  I asked him if it was true that he had a crush on me while we were in school. He felt kind of embarrassed about it and smile without looking at me and said, “Yes I did, but you never paid attention to me and I knew you didn't like me that way anyway”. I smiled at him and told him that we can still be good friends as we always were. He looked at me and smiled while his eyes water with tears. I felt he needed someone familiar to talk to and that is why he have been hanging around among the living. From what I learned from him, he died in USA during a car accident in his 30s and he have being among the living without crossing over, as he said he is not ready for it yet.  After this, I don't remember leaving the living room, just woke up in the morning with my right arm in a lot of pain and my eyes looks like I didn't have any sleep how so ever, like I have been talking all night long.

We never choose the spirit we want to talk to, they choose us for any reasons beyond our comprehension.

It's funny how this came about, since I have a talk prior with my guides.  Don't know why it happened to be the spirit of an old school mate of mine, maybe because he doesn't look like he crossed over and needed help. I didn't see in him, the inner light I see in crossed over spirits, he just looked like a normal human being.  Honestly, I was expecting to see family, but the truth is that we can’t choose who we see in the other side of the veil. It’s obvious that spirits like living people, come to us for reasons beyond our expectations or comprehension, to learn from us or for us to learn from them.

Now the question for me to figure out is, “It this was a vivid dream as many of mine or it happened for real?... I know I am doubting the reality of it, but being aware of going to bed wanting this and happening, might be a trick of the mind itself, who knows….

I only sense that this might the first encounter of many….time will tell! :)


Love and Light Everyone!

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  1. It's normal to communicate with spirit when having an out of body experience via dream-state. People that are not into the spiritual realm also have these experiences yet they don't recognize them as such (often confusing them with dreams of a loved one that passed on).

    We tend to forget that we're all surrounded by spirits at all times (even during embarrassing times). Many times in my own studies (because we're always in a learning progress until we pass on) I have encountered people that I didn't even know, or barely knew well enough. Sometimes I wondered 'Why them and not a relative or a best friend?'. Then I learned that not everyone that comes to chat has to know you. All spirits want to talk and come to visit either out of curiousity or fondness for the brief time they knew you. Some spirits develop a fondness for a living person after death. And no; its not something to be afraid of.

    I've become friends with people of all walks of lifes with different stories. You'll see that sometimes the 'current'of spiritual communication only allows you to speak with one person at a time. Since you're starting to reawaken your natural ability, it'll look like just 'one' at a time, when in fact the whole room is full. In time, you'll get to see more than one.

    This doesn't mean that you can't see them. Sometimes guides know more about our needs than we do and will tend to 'referee' meetings until they feel you're ready to handle a 'party'. LOL.

    It was really wonderful that this friend came to visit (and I know that he has visited you and some of his own family members due to his chosen earthbound state).

    Surely anyone that reads this will be like 'OH NO! That's spirit is earthbound, get rid of him or it'll cause a problem!'. That's nonsence. All people that know the current understand the emotions and personaly choices spirits make in their path without needing to be told and I like the fact that you're aware of this as well. Very few respect a spirit's personal desicion in going when they want to.

    As I always say: If they choose to hang around and know what they're missing on the otherside, yet still hang out, let them. Most of these spirit's make choices of this nature and cross on their own eventually, like a certain 'Tony' that chose to cross over after years and he did it all by himself. As long as they don't cause any trouble and are aware of their new spiritual existence, they will be fine.

    Some people will want my head in a platter for this, but I've heard countless of spirits get offended if you persist in crossing them over.

    In fact, a couple of them tell me 'I know I'm dead and that there's another side, but I just want to see places I didn't see when alive and visit certain people. Live new experiences. Can't you people understand that?!'

    It's sounds messed up, but it happens. On some occasions, they just need to get used to the 'idea' of another side before being emotionally ready to go. Spirits are us and we are them, so anyone could understand the emotions of someone going through a transitional state.

    I really hope you keep this up! We need more people like you that opens without fear and accepts what others would deem 'increadible' or to be feared. If more fearless and open-minded people existed in this world, we wouldn't be so blind to the spirit realms.


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