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Friday, July 23, 2010

Contagious Diseases: “I Can’t” Syndrome

I cant gesture
     This disease is more common in our society or way of life that most people think. Although several of us have suffered from this disease, most survived it through positive thinking and change of outlook. The symptoms of “I can’t Syndrome” are more visible, when most people are unable to clear their minds to see the solutions and substitute the needed of action by saying “I can’t”. Be advice, this disease can be contagious with constant interaction with affected individuals.

Origins of “I can’t Syndrome:

Some of the victims of this disease come from child abuse or
children that were spoil by their parents. In child abuse cases, the parents are constantly pointing out that they are not worth of anything or constantly saying “No, you can’t because I say so”. The child is in a constant dilemma of confusion of what it can or can’t be done with reason or without it. Abuse parents in most cases, have the tendency to point out the wrong doing and ignore any achievement their child might do, causing the child to stop seeking improvement. In some cases, parents take any task from the child and do the task by themselves saying to the child, “Give me that, you can’t do anything right” or “I have to do everything for you”. Abuse parents tend to have high expectations of their children, when these expectations are not met; they are quick to tell the child that they are an embarrassment. On the other hand, parents that spoil their children, they created parasites of society, through the lack of teaching survival skills, making them more dependent on others to do things for them. This abuse and spoiled children become co-dependent of others through adulthood by learning to manipulate others to do things for them all the time. When these individuals are confronted in their behavior, the true signs of the disease comes out when they take the victim’s roll and spitting out of their mouth the “I can’t” as a justification.
Most of us live in societies in which it’s a constant competition to excel above others. Through such competitions, the forms of high egos flourish among competitors. This concept of feel above others makes these individuals at certain point in their lives to become cruel to others, by be-little who they think is inferior to them. The result of such cruelty makes the victims, to be constantly comparing themselves with others and when they want something in their lives, they stop seeking for it. Because, in most cases, they believe that they are not worthy or find it difficult and consequently, substitute any further effort by saying “I can’t”
A common factor of the “I Can’t” Syndrome is fear.
These individuals are in constant fear of failure, rejection, embarrassment or simply hearing the word “No”. They allow fear to rule their daily life as the only option available. They find any justification to use the words “I can’t” in any moment in their lives, due to obligations that they impose in themselves, past events, laziness or just pure apathy. Despite any excuse they can come out with, the hidden factor is always fear.
Other signs of the “I Can’t Syndrome:
  • · Tendency to use the word “but” for everything either before or after using “I can’t”.
  • · Crying and saying “No one wants to help me”
  • · Being in constant negative behavior
  • · Believing that is more easy said than done
  • · Saying “I am trying” while evidence shows otherwise
  • · Ignore any advice from others
  • · Selective hearing and comprehension
  • · Unable to concentrate once they flood themselves with “I can’t”.
  • · Lack of organization in any aspect in their lives
  • · Believing that everyone owns them everything
  • · Need constant supervision
  • . Blame others for their present situation
  • · Constantly saying “I am sorry” or asking for forgiveness
  • · Telling their life story to others expecting others to fix it for them
  • · Failure to live the present while constantly worry about past events as well of future ones
Possible Cure of “I Can’t Syndrome
  • · Reprogramming of brain responses by substituting the “I Can’t by “I Can.
  • · Use of affirmations to enhance reprogramming.
  • · Learn self love
  • · Confronting the challenge that created the disease in first place
  • · Learning survival skills either on their own or by others that survived the disease
  • · Set realistic short goals before moving to big ones.
  • · Learn from failures without dwelling on them
  • · Believe in being a survivor instead of a victim
  • · Control emotional state by avoiding drama
  • . Take responsibility of your actions without blame others
  • · Help yourself without manipulating others to do it for you
  • · Try to live in a state of gratitude for what you have instead of what you lacking
  • · Seek people that empower you to do things for yourself
  • · Stay positive no matter is everything is falling apart around you
  • · Become who you want to be through visualization and action
I am sure all of us have suffered from this disease at one point or another or encountered chronic cases of it from others. We can find them in any path of life, from children to adulthood. Be aware that constant interaction with these individuals can drain your own energy . Therefore, as survivors, is imperative to keep a positive outlook in order to keep ourselves free from this disease as well empowering those that show genuine effort to help themselves while in your path. Avoid to do anything for them other than provide guidance. Be firm and kind with individuals suffering from this disease, chances are that they have never have experience it from childhood.
Love and Light Everyone!


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