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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dreams: Strange Box With Turquoise Writing and The Electricity Thieves

Vivid Dreams July 21th, 2010

Yesterday Afternoon, I was feeling tire after a busy day, so I went to take a nap in the afternoon hours. I slept maybe for about 3 hours and the funny thing about it, is that I felt like I never slept but wondered around the house the whole time. In one of those wonderings, I saw myself going to the front door and found aDream Messengers small cardboard box taped in the wall with light yellow tape. From this box, there was a white pamphlet attached with a white cord. The pamphlet was of the size of regular typing paper, with bright turquoise letters on it. I was excited since I ordered recently an Orgone Energy pedant and thought that this package was it. I do not recall anything of the message in the pamphlet but I do remember was of spiritual source. I went inside the house with it and woke up from the dream thinking about the box. I could not make up if I was dreaming or not, since I kept thinking that there was such box. I even went to the front door to check for it, but nothing. I felt sad for not having such box with me, despite I never saw what was inside neither was able to read the paper attached to it.

In the evening, I went to bed around 11:30PM and have two dreams, from the first one I woke up around 3:45am and all I remember from it was meeting someone that wanted to show me something, but I do not recall anything else from the dream. I went back to sleep and then I dreamed about my second dream.

     I found myself in my grandfather’s house when I saw this white man, young looking mid 30s, wearing a uniform and carrying a pen and pad with him, walking in front of the house. I asked a person from inside the house where I was at, of who he was and was told that he is from the electric company checking houses.

     I saw him kind of lost and asked him what he wants and he said, “I came to check the wiring of the house since I am being told that some of these houses are stealing electricity from the electrical poles, without paying”. I told him to go ahead and check the wiring. He left and came back to me and asked me, “are you sure this house is not taking electricity from another one?”  and I told him no. He asked again and I looked at him and told him, I swear to you that we are not taking electricity from other source but from the electric company.

He smiled at me and said, “I see that you swear on this but wonder why you don’t swear in God’s name as you usually do”. I took a deep look at him and told him “I don’t have to use God’s name for this but if it’s a matter to convince in base of what I know, I swear to God that this house is not taking electricity other than from the electric company.

He smiled at me and said, “Very well, I still need to find that house, do you know of any house in this neighborhood that might be stealing electricity?”. I pointed to an old house that used to be from an old friend of the family and I knew the woman during my childhood. The house was abandon after her death and some people came to fix the house, but in the mean time they were taking electricity from another house through an extension cord.

I went with him towards the house inside a metallic blue car . Before we attempt to get out of the car, it started to rain hard on us as if the sky opened and pour down, making impossible to get out of the car. This man kept looking at me while smiling softly, kind of making me uncomfortable. Suddenly, my mother in law with two more females came by the door of the car, under a huge umbrella, asking if we were ok. I told her yes, that we were just waiting for the rain to stop so we can get out and check the house. She left and I remain with this fellow in the car when he asked me if I have anything to do on Saturday, suggesting having a cup of coffee. I looked at him, wondering if he realized that I am already marry, that I don’t need this. I smiled, and woke up from the dream.


I still trying to figure out these dreams.

On the first one, I feel like is something about to come for me at spiritual level, however on the second one, I felt like it was some kind of testing.

It is curious that in both dreams I was in a house, mine or related with me. Both dreams, it has to do with attachments of some sort, like the package with the attached note or the house attached to another house through electricity. I have the strong impression that the house was either spiritual or dealing with the brain due to the wiring.

Now, wondering about the old friend of the family whose house was stealing electricity, it made me wonder, if this is an important part of my childhood? What I remember from that old woman is that my dad was fun of her; she was like 40 years older than him, but still my mother was jealous of her without my comprehension. Every time we visited her, I was there and all I knew about her, was that she was an old girlfriend of my grandfather later in his life. I know the rain is about emotions, but can’t figure out of the presence of my mother in law in my dream as well who was really the man from the electric company and why this fellow ask me out for a coffee. This could be something future or perhaps with more deeper meaning, but time will tell. :)

Love and Light Everyone!

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