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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Movers And Shakers: People That Empower Us In Our Spiritual Path

       No matter in what path we are going through, we find people with energetic demeanor, who initiate change and influence us in our path. Yes, we can find movers and shakers every where we go and the legacy that they left with the lessons they teach us, remain with us for the rest of our existence. Mother Teresa They don’t have to be public figures, they could be the next door neighbor, co-worker, family, friends or perhaps… you.

     Lets take for example of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who's kindness and love made people to look the good in others, no matter their nature. She gave herself to the world, despite of being filled with so much corruption and malice and still there was love from her to give unconditionally. I am certain that you have met someone like Mother Teresa in your life and wonder how can they be the way they are.

    I am very sure that despite all the kindness and love of this woman, she got her moments of self doubt and despair. She might wonder if there was enough time to do what she wanted change among those she met in her path, or perhaps wondering if everything she have done was worth it.

   You might think that to be like this woman, it takes a special breed of human being, but in reality it only takes will power and plenty of love to give to others. Despite her fame, she lived with little human comfort because she didn’t want anything for herself. She wanted everything for everyone in need. She was a brave woman that spoke her truth to others to either make change or create consciousness among those that turn their back with apathy.

She did her work in such a way and without fear, that perhaps is what made her so special all around the globe.

I can say, I have met a woman like Mother Teresa, when I was just 6 years of age. Sister Graciela was her name and she was a Catholic nun, in the school I was attending the first grade. She was young but her love and kindness was such, that every time I saw her, it was like seeing sunshine for the first time. I don’t believe of her being a Catholic nun, it have to do with her love and kindness, because among the other nuns, she was one of the kind. I only spent one year in that school, but I still can remember her kind words and feel the love she was giving without reservations. Through the years, I learn that she died in her 80s from pneumonia as I was told. It was awful to learn of her death through other school mates that keep up with her through the years. However, her teachings of kindness and genuine love, have stayed with me through the years. I learn through her, that despite we find people in our lives that mistreat us in all kind of ways, we still can find people willing to be kind and loving.

As we go through our path, we can also find people that make us think and are capable to provoke change with just spoken words.

      Lets take for example the Dali Lama, who's wisdom have empower the world and have created people to think in better themselves. He can be many things among being a religious figure, but with his words, to me he is a healer. He lived his live dedicated to the spiritual path and teach what he has learned through his actions and words. dalai_lama_1c

I have heard people that met The Dali Lama saying that to be around this man, is like feeling the vibration of Love like not other from any other human being. This man is real simple and always smiling like the world as we know it and despite its misery, still worth saving it. He walks the walk and talks the talk, indeed.

There is people like him in our lives, not wearing the long ropes of course, but with such wisdom that when they speak to us in the moment we need it most, they are capable to make us think and provoke change.

I can say in my case, that person was my grandfather Julio, who claimed to be one of the last descendant of The Taino Indians. He was a farmer, that never went to school because he have to work since early age. However, despite that he didn’t know how to write or read, his wisdom still remain with me. I loved to visited him in his farm, and stay the weekend. There was no electricity and neither hot water, he lived as a poor person and fed himself from what he planted in his land.

He tough me to love the Earth and nature as he sometimes compared it with people. I remember him going out of his way to bring me any fruit I might crave for and the stories he told me about old times, as well what he knew about his Indian heritage as his father tough him. He always had an answer for anything and delivered in the most simple ways, always creating a laugh. Despite his lack of education, he tough himself to play the guitar and the Cuatro which is a Puertorrican cord instrument. He sat in his rocking chair right after dinner and play his music that echo through the whole farm among with the sounds of crickets and Coquies. He was always willing to give advice in my dealings with my strange mother. He might not be the an ideal father to my mother as she told me, but to me he was a healer and his medicine was his words of kindness and wisdom. He died of Cancer when I was in my early 20s and despite his physical absent, I still remember him like it was those days, always smiling and saying something that empower my day.

As you see, the movers and shakers that we find in our lives, don’t have to be a public figure, they are right in your path when you need them most. They can be a stranger and still leave a mark in your life that you carried with you from which I might say it will be there beyond death. We can learn so much from them with just an act of love and kindness, or perhaps a word being said.

If you haven’t met any person that haven’t empower you through your spiritual path, don’t let apathy take the best of you. Just become a mover or a shaker and let the rest of the road to lead you. Believe, you can change people around you and the world as you know it, if you only try.. .

Love and Light Everyone!

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