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Friday, July 16, 2010

Tough Love: When Expectation Meets Reality

      Sometimes we have the expectation that in order to become spiritual; we have to take abuse or misunderstanding from those that are no longer in our vibration state. This type of spirituality or expectation temptation_of_christ would be suitable of the life of Jesus and some might say that we have to be like Jesus of the Bible, which there is nothing wrong by being like him, since is a choice. However, sometimes we have to cut ties with friends, as Jesus did in the desert with Satan, in which we have to show some tough love to those that no longer are in our resonation for them to realize the lack of it.

     I have seeing in few spiritual groups the drama that has taken place lately, due to the expectation of members in what should be a “spiritual person” or a “Worker of light”. It is like seeing the Bible story about Jesus in the Temple, being play itself repeatedly, in which he is confront with the judgment of religious figures while in the Temple. If I recall that story well, the so call high religious figures, masters of knowing the word of God, no only question him being the Son of God, but also questioning what is spiritual in him. I am sure that you have seen the same pattern of behavior of heighten Ego among these religious figures in any spiritual or like minds group you belong to in nowadays.

     Yes, there different personalities and vibration state among the members of a group or businesses while we all deal with them in our daily life whether we like it or not. We all face heighten Egos who dares to questioning our connection with God as well being judge as non spiritual, once we dissociated with anyone that we don’t resonate with any more, like Jesus did with Satan in the desert.

Seeing this entire drama that has taking place in the past days, and from which I have become subject of judgment by others that claim to be more spiritual than me, now I started wondering.  Should I took the abuse and judgment as Jesus did in the Temple because I should be a loving person or refused anything Satan said and offered in the desert in order to keep myself as Holy as God made me. As you see, in either way situation, Jesus won over judgment and temptation, because he made a choice. We all learn through our lives to respect the choices, Jesus made through the Bible, why is so difficult to respect the choices of others around you?

We go through life expecting a lot from people and sadly, it comes the time in which we have to face reality. Consequently, we have to show some tough love to those that we love,  as well those that are our friends and family, in order to keep ourselves as whole. Remember, is a choice.

I made a choice of not take any abuse from anyone in any form, as well disassociated with those I no longer resonate with, that is my choice. Am I less loving because of my choice? Am I less or non-spiritual comparing with you, because of my choice? Am I plagued with entities or negativity because of my choice? For those that dares to judged me, please tell me, Am I?

The whole deal, made me wonder, if anyone has a clear view of what Love and Spirituality is about. Personally, I do not think neither of us have a clear view, because in our human condition we tend to see things, as it should be instead. More over, when our Ego is on the way, we do not agree with what we see, we tend to change it into our like and swear by that is as what we say it is. Although I have an idea of what Love is, I frankly do not know what spirituality is, but I take the daily challenge to figure it out as I go in my path and I try harder everyday to see it as what it is, instead of what it should be, but that is my choice as well.

With this post, I am not angry with anyone, why should I be? we all have choices and it should be respect it as what it is. I am just reflecting in the past in order to go forward into my future and hope that if you are in similar situation, you will be able to do the right choice and move on with your life. Remember, tough love can be a win/win situation like in Jesus case. So make your choice and continue living, there is more life ahead as well more experiences full of lessons.

Love and Light Everyone! :)

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