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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cleaning from inside out

August 31, 2011
After having a couple of days of serious headaches and lack of energy for God knows why. I decided to balance my energy centers as usual, thinking that it will alleviated the unbalance. However, not only the headache remains, it also provoke an unusual dream of profound message. Old wringer washer
Yes, when I thought I have my life figured out, dreams come around to let me know that I have more work to do.
My dream’s setting start in the inside of this empty house with crooked walls  with a look resembling the 1960s. Yes, some of the walls were uneven, some walls were made of concrete others of wood and some were just perfect. It was like walking into a house that needed inspection.

Out of no where, here comes this older man with a check list /board in his hands and right after him, there was 2 more men. The old man was telling the other two what walls to turn down to be rebuild again. I saw them slamming the crooked walls with sledge hammers, the sound was felt all over the house.

Suddenly, the walls became perfect and in bright yellow color, it happen so fast that I don’t recall see them painting the walls at all. I found myself in the living room of the house, where furniture started to appear as I direct my eyes in all directions. Among the odd things of the dream itself, I saw the fridge in the living room, a nice cozy couch with a nice African American couple dressing like in the 60s.

As I kept moving around, I saw a storage room what have shelves covered with glass full of food, and they were as long my eyes can see. Obviously, the house was ready to be self sufficient. As I turn, I saw the entrance of the kitchen but I didn’t go in, instead I direct myself to the stairs that was behind the couple in the couch.
I started to move upstairs but don’t recall my walk through it, just suddenly I found myself over a concrete roof.
On the roof, there were few baskets of clothes to be wash, I count as far 6 of them. I saw an open shack with clothes lines ready to be use and right in front of it, there was this old wringer washing machine. I saw 3 young men helping around and their clothes needed to be wash. I walked toward the baskets of clothes and was shock to found my mother among them.

I observed her how she moved around and felt her sense of dramatic urgency typical of her personality. She started to fill the old washing machine using a rusted metal can while taking water coming from a bamboo spout. I approached closer and the washing machine turned into an brick old well. Couldn’t understand why she kept filling the well non stop while talking about washing the clothes.

While observing this, I saw a couple that seems familiar somehow. They came with bags of sweets, gave me a hug and congratulated me for the new home. I told them “there still work to do and lots of laundry”. They smiled at me and said “In time, you will get it done, one day at the time”.

Don’t recall getting out of the house, but then saw myself inside a car with an old man driving and a young girl sitting in the passenger side. I was somehow sitting on the floor of the car with my right hand holding tight my left hand, right over my stomach. Then I woke up from this dream, still with my hands holding tight as I was in the car.

My dream interpretation:

When in dreams seeing ourselves inside houses, not necessary represents a home we live on, but an outlook of our own consciousness. To see an empty house in dreams, it’s the representation of feeling emotional empty or missing something or someone. Seeing the house in deterioration is typical of being sad or suffering depression. The fact that my eyes were attracted by the crooked walls, its showing me the randomness and chaos of the house or my inner self. Seeing walls in a house can also represents an obstacle or challenge as well separation from different parts of one’s life.

The sight of the sledge hammer is the will power through force and strength, capable to destroy and build. With the power of it while slamming down the walls, it’s a clear sign to me of ending a process or boundaries that were self inflected. Seeing everything rebuild and in yellow color is having a positive outlook of my being. Seeing food inside the house, is a representation of nourishment for the body, mind, emotions, soul, or spirit. Giving me the sense that no matter how tough life can be, I am well prepare to overcome what is ahead of me. Going upstairs, is a representation of moving forward in life, also can represents the passing among levels of consciousness, subconscious, spiritual, etc.

Being in the top of the roof is an indication of the last part of a house when its build as well something unattainable. It can also be seeing as a limitation on how high one can go or how much progress one can make. Seeing my mom on the roof, was quite a sore subject as we don’t speak each other in real life due to the pains and suffering she made me experience in my childhood. I don’t hate her, but somehow I keep those memories of her away from me, in order to not be hurt. Perhaps, this is why this section of the house that seems to be made out of wood, the roof is made out of concrete instead.

Seeing the baskets of dirty laundry is a representation of imperfection or mistakes, a fear of being judged, a disappointment, feeling less than perfect. The fact that my mom was present while looking at the basket of dirty clothes, reminded me of the times that she did everything to embarrassed me, judged me and always belittle me with the intention to make me feel less than her.

The sight of the old wringed washing machine is a representation of repairing, releasing, cleaning up, or reaching closure in some area of my life in order to feel finished/complete and then having a fresh start. Seeing my mom trying with urgency to clean the clothes was a sight that not only me wants to clear that area of my life with her, but she is also trying to clean the dirty past among us.

Seeing water in my dreams is obvious a representation of emotional feelings but seeing the water going into a old rusted metal can, is a sign of control or restraint either physical, mental or emotional. Perhaps is the restraint that my mother and I keep among each other, her refusing to accept her responsibility in her wrong doings towards me and me refusing to forgive and forget all the wrong done.

Observing the water coming out of the bamboo spout was a memory of my childhood while living in the hills of Puerto Rico. Seeing the water flowing can represent change, transformation or moving forward in my life.The entire dream was a set up of the 60s, years in which I born (1962) and they were my childhood forming years. To dream about the past is common, its an attempt by the subconscious to review, remember, explore deeper feelings about past events. It can also be view as a process of reconciling the past within oneself, not to exclude grieving, closure, forgiving and letting go of—reaching inner peace with it.

I now look at this dream and realized of what I asked God the night before.. I asked to be shown what else I need to do to move forward in life… obviously the cleaning process from inside out is a most and as I was told in my dream “In time, you will get it done, one day at the time”.

Love and Light Everyone!

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