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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vivid Dream: Being Hire Despite The Odds!

2moons    This dream sure left a sense of hope and gratitude, right after feeling the emotions of urgency in my being from which somehow I can’t shake it up from my mind all day. The dream was filling with archetypes and numbers from which I know they were purposely place for me to pay attention.

      In this particular dream, found myself inside a police car, getting ready to start my work shift by giving my starting millage to the headquarters. As proceeding, noticed that there was no number in the millage counter, it concern me for a minute so I made up a number in order to have permission to get out. As I proceed driving, I called the dispatcher again, saying, “I will be 10-10 for a few”.

Suddenly, the setting of the dream change
as nighttime in the parking lot of a Walmart store. As driving away from the parking lot, noticed about (5) five vans parked in line on the edge of the road, with radars attached to their roof as similar to storm chaser vehicles. Wondering about their presence, I looked up to the sky noticing the clouds spreading out to show (2) two full moons side by side. Found it normal, as soon as started driving—noticed the night turn into daytime.

At this moment my senses of urgency to make it to my old job and meet with my former employer, it felt so real almost frantic—in which I felt to give thanks and announcing him that I got a job. As entering the police station, found few of my co-workers shock to see me walking wearing the police uniform. Walking through doors and corridors finally found my former employer, followed by a hand shaking greeting and saying “Thank you for everything, came to tell you that I got hire by a police station and don’t need you any more”.

He acted surprised--and feeling his sorrow, he looked at me and said, “You are so lucky to be hire after that accident, since the odds were looking pretty bad”. Looking at him with a sense of confidence within me, I smiled at him while saying, “I know it was bad but my new job is aware and despite the odds I got hire, that all it matters to me”.

As walking away from him, getting back into my police car—noticing my brother sitting on the passenger side. It was unusual to see him as he show himself as a the boy of 7 years old that I used to take care of, despite that today he is a grown man.

He did not say a word but the setting changed and we were walking into a park where my sister greeted us with asking to keep my brother with her. Feeling not comfortable with it wondering of whether he will make it home safe, she immediately said, “I have $20 with me that will take us home”. Got into my police car right after leaving him with her and as I drove away the ground turn into snow—right after this I woke up from this dream.
Through this dream there were numbers presented as 10-10 (police code for being busy), 5 storm chaser vans, 2 moons and $20 dollars. By adding those numbers (1+0+1+0+5+2+2+0=11=2), the result is number 2, which represents duality and separation, reflecting the quiet power of judgment and the need for planning. The presence of number 11 is the Universal number that usually marks a spiritual event like the appearance of 11:11. Seeing the final number 2, clearly give me the sense of need to separate from a painful past to begin a more pleasant future.
Looking at the archetypes through this dream, we have police car, police uniform, nighttime, retail store, and storm chasers vans, moon, daytime, boy of 7 yrs. old, snow.

The police car and the uniform can mean the sense of protection I felt while doing such job, as well self-protection of my boundaries. Having a moving car represent the need to move forward through life, as well moving through state of minds/being that were represent by the settings of nighttime and daytime. While the snow can represents the period of winter as starting point of a new job.

The Walmart store was the same store where I used to patrol—the same where the person that perished in the accident used to work. Interesting, being in a store area--can means to holding on to things emotionally, such as grudges, blame, or judgments. Showing me living the parking felt such a relief of such emotions.

It is ancient knowledge, that to see storms in dreams or having the sense of it, represents challengers; rough times or turbulence in life or in relationships, perhaps seeing the storm chasers was a clear sign of prevention for the worst. Looking the clouds moving is a representation of moving of time or transformation, while the full moons represent completion and the possibility of personal growth.

The presences of my brother as a boy of 7 year old child can be my inner child, my playfulness or just my vulnerability and the need for support and empathy.

Perhaps this dream is a premonition that hard times are about to leave and a new start is about to begin as a reward from all the suffering of the past—no matter what it could be—My Dear Universe, I am ready for the change.

Love and Light Everyone!

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