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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Being Spiritual: On the verge of Civil War

    When facing the human reality in which we are living nowadays, like economical crisis, governments thrown out of power and people protesting against abuse from others, we have the choice while being spiritual of either take action or being apathetic to it. It is sad to see many Light workers and spiritual people lose their grip of this reality by thinking “If I don’t see it or thinking about it—this matter would not manifest or it will go away”. Obviously, many of them are confuse about the real meaning of Law of Attraction.
In Law of Attraction: FEELINGS is one of the main ingredients to ensure the manifestation of an event.
    When we ADD feelings to what we see, listen or experience, we create another reality. When we ADD feelings to what we want to accomplish
we are amplifying our reality into what we want as well into other’s reality. Everyone’s reality whether we feel apathy to it—it will affect us on one way or another and even more if you do not take action on your own.

Take for example the Wall Street protesters—these individuals are showing their “Feelings” of being tire from being oppressed by Capitalism and those that created it. For them, instead of sitting down to be contempt like many of us—they are taking action on their own, knowing that with mass of people they can provoke change—little they know is not only their actions that create change is their FEELINGS.

   As spiritual people, we can pray for the change, we can be prepare for the worst by taking action in our own survival or we can be apathetic to it by thinking that through our spirituality while ignoring it, these will not affect us. If this is you, I highly suggest to WAKE UP! Moreover, smell the REALITY of your human condition. Remember, you are NOT ALONE living your human experience!
I have always said that with the entire human crisis that we are living in USA in addition with the entire crisis around the world—we are heading for a Civil War and the introduction of One World Order.
You made add that I am attracting it by thinking or mentioning about it—not at all! It is ALREADY HERE!—I am just fully aware of it, without freaking out or dwell on it as many of you do--because I know if I do, I am ADDING FEELINGS to it. I also know that it can affect my spirituality if I decided into NOT take any precautions of survival.

Being into AWARENESS constituted of being aware of EVERYTHING around and within you while seeking balance with everything—it does not mean to put everything in the back of your head to ignore it while hiding behind spirituality. Trying to point out the need to take action when seeing and listen to news media through discerning, and seeking balance with it, I have being label as a negative person or person that attract a negative situation.

Yes, I have being treated as a person with leprosy like “Do not associate with, her negativity might be contagious” LOL—those people sure gave me a good laugh, because I can clearly see that they choose to be “half aware” while in spiritual path. I also see that they have NOT taken the time into fully understand the concept of “Law of Attraction”. These are the same people that when “shit hit the fan” they are the first one to doubt themselves through their own spirituality.

You can see them running from their own lives to seek balance while ignoring the issue, for later on ended up being force to deal with it whether they like it or not. In which most cases, these people end up unable to cope with it.
I Rather have a full awareness of everything around me, than having a “half awareness” thinking that it will go away if I do not seeing or listen to it.
Being aware of something that can affect your human experience, like local, national or world news--does not make anyone negative or associated with negative feelings—it just make us aware of all our surrounding while seeking balance within it and within our beings. Remember, YOU can create an “Incomplete Task” in your human experience by ignoring any events around you, thinking that it will not affect you. If that makes you happy by all means—“knock yourself up with it!”

Like I said, we are in the verge of a “Civil War” and the introduction of “One World Order”—it is your choice to ignore the signs while hiding yourself through spirituality and apathy, or you can choose to take action of survival while being spiritual. Just do not expect that everything will fall out of the sky or become a miracle by doing NOTHING—because actions attract reactions.

Advice to all of you while living this human experience:
  • Make your actions of today count for the reactions of tomorrow.
  • Be aware of everything that can affect your human experience while in spiritual path
  • Look for survival alternatives for you and your loves one
  • Learn the mechanism of “Law of Attractions” and apply them to yourself first.
  • Seek balance within you, your surrounding and anything or anyone around you—remember ignoring it will not make it go away.
  • Learn to live your life to the fullest with all the aspect of it, instead of just exist.
Survive by any means necessary—Wish you the very best….

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