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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Who doesn’t kill you make you stronger.

     We go through a whole lifetime meeting people frorosietheriveter_youcandoitm all path of life as well places. Through that journey we keep some friends close while putting miles between those that no longer serve a purpose. I just turn 50 years old and while reminiscing about the people I have found in my path, I came to see that I don’t have many friends that I can trust or spend quality time with.

Most of my life I have been solo, never been the kind that follows the pack or identify with a specific group.
      I am more like a explorer, I like to try anything new or unknown, I like to go new places, meet new people, talk about any subject except politics and religion of course. However, there is something peculiar about people I have met. Like any other, I can say that I have met few drama queens from which I still wonder why they didn’t won an Oscar for their dramatic ways to face life, that still baffles me. On the other hand I have met the typical jerks, now—those should won the middle finger award, and that is been said in courteous ways, because on my book what they need is a severe kick in the butt for sure.
The drama queens and jerks have been around me most of my life but in the last 2 years, I have come to met the sociopath kind.
      Now, this sociopath kind is more likely the ones that you meet at work, you know this kind, is those that have no conscious, moral values or any remorse for their actions. Everything its about them and the rest can go to hell for what they care. I must said I have a hard time with this kind, since I just can’t figure out a human being lacking of compassion or not even think about consequence—”cause and effect”—through their life as well how they affect others.

     Since November 2011 to this present, I have met two sociopath, the first one
is not even as bad as the second one. However, the second one was a person with money and power. Oh wow, that was quite an experience—the woman not only wanted to have recognition for the little she did for me but went beyond her duty to tell me that she is right and I am wrong. This sociopath, not only did terrible things to me, but then turn around and claimed that I was the one doing those things, without me even lifting a finger or say a word—how she figured that out? bits me—I guess sociopath does what they do best, being a pest.
The sociopath has no remorse or sense of what is fair —they live in a life of fantasy and self-righteousness, where they are the only perfect beings.
    They scream out loud that they are victims while they are going to victimize and terrorize others. I guess everyone meet this kind of people one way or another through their lifetime, I just hate that I meet this kind while in my darkest hour, where there was no job or home to go to.  Instead of running away from this kind as I usually have done in year past, I decided to stand on my feet and put a fight. Such fight cost me my housing, yes I ended up being homeless for the third time in my life and in less than 2 years—I guess money and power from this sociopath person pay off for her, she got what she wanted—putting me in the streets.
It’s a well known fact that sociopaths look for the most fragile and vulnerable people to attack and victimize, since they thrive in feeling power over others.
      However, this time is different—I have a job and great friends that have helped me alone my path. I feel more stronger and with the satisfaction that I stand on my feet, while laying the foundation of who I want to be in life. I want to be that strong woman who keep her head up against the adversity while walking among sociopaths—because believe me there is thousand and even millions of this characters around us. We have the choice to put a fight against the odds or allow them to victimize us for their amusement.
I have learn valuable lessons from meeting this sociopath from hell,  but also learn few new things about me—I learn that I am stronger than ever and that finally I am in control of my own destiny.
    Is this would happen to me 2 years earlier, I would be in a mental hospital or in jail as a result from meeting this sociopath. For sure, she didn’t kill me but she did more—she made me stronger to stand up to her crocked ways and say enough is enough.  When I walked out from that house and out of her path, I felt such a relief—it felt like someone cut the ball and chains from me and set me free. I left with the satisfaction that I did everything I know is right within the law instead of sitting around wondering in what “if” would  I done this or that.

    I have learn that no matter how bad these people push your buttons, the best policy is to remain calm and in silence while doing everything in your power through the background to keep yourself sane and safe. The sociopath are predictable, therefore you have to be the opposite and by no chance broadcast your movements, since they calculate theirs with the only purpose to see upset for their amusement. Stay calm and diligent—victory comes to those that plan ahead while being in silence and practice patience.
Yeap, patience is not my virtue but sure have become a great teacher—there still a lot to learn from patience.
    At this point, I managed to survive this ordeal, as well laying the ground for a law sue since the worst thing you can do to a sociopath is hitting them with the law—that put a stop on them towards you. They might put you down for a while, but they can’t bit the law and the worst it could happen to a sociopath is to be put in the spot of public embarrassment. So yes, this chapter still to come and I know God will be with me as it was that day in which I lost my home. God has showed me through life that he doesn’t like ugly, unfairness or stupidity. God and Universe, always find ways to set balance in all aspect of life, that is what I call Karma. 
     When you meet a sociopath, don’t fight them right of way, it will be a no ending battle, instead study them see what they fear most and aim for that weakness—but above all be on the right side of the law, so victory will be secure.

Love and Light Everyone!

For more information about sociopaths, read the book  "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout  Great Reading, indeed!

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