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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Opportunity come to those who wait!

Opportunity sign
How many times we heard the saying “Great things come to those who wait”? I bet, you heard it many times and still wondering why you are not getting those great things despite your sacrifices while waiting.

I have experienced these great things over and over and still when I face the same experience, I go through the whole repertoire of emotions. Always forgetting that in the past I went through similar experiences that always end up in happy endings.
For me, the great things came after facing two years of tears and desperation.
Since January 2011,
I faced relocation to another state, unemployment, divorce, homelessness not once but twice, lost of friends as well the gain of others. Fail relationships as well the finding of true love. These two years were times of pain and tears, wondering what is next for me?, why I am working so hard and no getting anywhere? wondering what I did wrong? what I have done to deserve this misery? 

There were times, in which I just want to let go of everything I worked for and take off in my car with no direction, just driving as far gas and money can take me. Later realizing, that running away from experiences that I can’t control, is not the solution but part of the problem.
During my waiting time, I made a job to find a job and believe me it was not easy at all, I faced not only frustration but discrimination as well.
Just when I was about to give up, my friend came saying “Wait, great things are coming, you just need to wait”. When finally, I calmed down from my agony, I got a call for another job interview. I was not thrill as I was tire of employers telling “Thank you for coming, we will call you if the position is available”  but to my surprise, I got the job. I got a minimum wage job in a Domestic Violence Shelter as an advocate from which, I worked there almost a year.

Later on, when I lost my housing facing homelessness for a second time, those 76 days of waiting put me through experiences, too painful to blog about it. Again, just when I was about to give up—I recognized the pattern of the experience—I dried my tears and got on the computer looking for housing, getting an apartment within 5 days.

Just when I thought I made it to the other side of the mud pond—my car broke down, I almost give up the job because the limitations this problem brought me, but I managed to be patience while doing everything I could to fix my car that took 3 months to fix.
Things were looking pretty bad as days passed by but knowing the past pattern in which everything goes wrong before turns to better—I waited patiently.
One day I was sitting at my office, looking the snow falling through the window—wondering if this is all what my experience piled up after done so much through my 50 years of age. I have a hard talk with God on that moment, telling him that I have tried everything I could but if this is all I deserve, that to please give me the strength to survive it in a much comfortable way, as I was tire to suffer so much.

Within a week, I got a sofa as I was sitting in patio chairs to watch my TV. The following week, my friend gave me a brand new bed as he got tire of see me sleeping on the floor all these months. The following week, I got my income tax return—giving me the opportunity to fix my car. I started to be more optimistic and wondering if I should look for a better job once my car get fix. Despite that I was willing to settle for the job that I was in.

On the second week of February, I got a call from an old friend from who I haven’t heard in months and who helped me when I first relocated to the mid-West. To my surprise, she gave me the phone number of an employer who was trying to contact me. She didn't know who it was and neither did I, as I applied to so many jobs in the past. She persisted in me calling this guy, despite I made my mind in giving up looking for better job—but I made the call to pleased her.

To my surprise, this employer was from a Federal job I applied almost 2 years earlier in which I went through an extensive background check as well medical—I even give up on them after a year. Here I was talking to this man, when he said to me “We have an opening position for you, if you are interesting—when can you start? as we have to fill this position immediately” I was stunned by what he said and was quiet until he got my attention. I responded to him “Yes, I am available”—we set a later date in February to start this job.
I accepted the job in a leap of faith, despite my car was not fix and I was running out of money to start a new job.
After knowing that I have a deadline to make it to this job, I was running out of opportunities to fix my car while I already gave my 2 week noticed to my ongoing job and the deadline of the new job was incoming. It was a desperate time, in which I faced hard choices. Here I was, wondering in give up or go head with the new job, despite if I will succeed or not.

Taking a leap of faith, I rented a car and through a hell of snow storm, I drove 32 miles towards this job. Within 4 days of starting my job, my car was finally fixed and I worked the last days at my former job. I did this with almost no money left to eat or pay bills. After 2 weeks at the new job, my new pay check arrived—from which I didn't ask the employer what was the pay to begin with, I found that I got more than I was ever hope for. For the first time in my civilian life, I got a job that pays $26.94 –I never got that pay not even as a police officer in the South. This to me, was indeed a big jump from $9.18 that I was doing since relocation to the Mid-West. I drove back home with teary eyes, Thanking God for this opportunity.
Today, I looked back from where I came from—two years ago, I came alone, heartbroken, with just one bag of clothes and $90 dollars in my pocket and now I can say I made it through.
I can see how much I acquired compared with how much I lack of and the tear wasted through desperate times. I learn valuable karmic lessons indeed. I can say that great opportunity come to those who wait—I can say that I am a prime example of it, but while waiting—I have learned to never give up, keep on trying, staying proactive, keeping the faith that God will give me not only what I can handle but what I deserve.

If you read this, Please—Don’t give up, Wait! Great things will come!

Love and Light Everyone! Smile

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