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Monday, March 18, 2013

DOs and DON’Ts: When Seeking a Tarot or Psychic/Medium Readings

      In our lives, we all seek for answers of some sort, specially when in moments of despairs and no matter what religious background we might have, we seek those answers in the newspapers' Horoscope, as well in the Tarot or visiting the local Psychic Mediums. However, in those moments of despair if we don’t know how to look for the answer or shop before buy, we can easily become lost in our path or worst, we can become a victim of a scam. The Fool Card
   There is scam artist every where, from sales pitch to dubious online offers,  and having them among Tarot readers or Psychic Mediums is not surprising.
Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of people that are GENUINE in the field of divination, as well the real thing when it comes to psychic medium insights. However, I am attempting with this blog to show you the DOs and DON’Ts when seeking for answers from those sources, so you don’t become a victim of a scam and in the process you learn to have your money worth expend. 

DO shop around of who is best on what they do, by checking credentials.  When looking for Tarot or Psychic Mediums, word of mouth is not good enough. I said this, based in the fact of what it was good for your friend that just got a reading, it might not be good for you, because what makes a difference it’s a matter of perception and knowledge when it comes to readings of this sort.  Ask questions, like how long have you being doing this and how long you have being in business. Remember, just because they are good at something, doesn’t mean they are experts or professionals. I have seem people in the past, that just discovered that they can give psychic/medium insights and out of the blues they jumped into business adventures, without taking the time to understand the gift within themselves. As soon as they get into business, as soon as they fall out of grace when they find out, that dealing with people’s emotions and their own, was not as easy as they thought it would be. When looking online for this type of business, be aware of their self written Biography about their skills or sales pitch, anyone can do that, therefore I highly advice to look for demonstrations if you can or if they are available, since most online readers has done radio, podcasts or TV demonstrations.

DO look for body language, are these people giving you the sense that they really want to help you? or they just want your money? You can spot a business person no matter in what business they are in, the same goes in the divinatory fields. Look for their place of business, what vibes you get from it? does is welcoming or scary? There is a lot to say by first impressions, if you don’t feel comfortable with the personality of the reader, don’t waste your money, because what ever that person has to say, it won’t get the message to you. Remember, the reader is a human being and they have families and worries as you do. If they look agitated or going through personal crisis themselves, change your appointment for another day if they don’t do it first or better yet, look for another one.

DON’T get mesmerize by labels or tittles!  Anyone can label themselves as the best in the field, the same goes with paying someone to give them some courses with the handling of a certification. However, whether they are good on what they do, its what makes a difference. Remember this, a Medium can be a psychic but a psychic can’t be a medium. The same goes with healers that insist to be psychic mediums and suck at it, I am sure you have your share of it.

DON’T feed them with all kind of information about you. If you do, what was the purpose for you to seek their insights to begin with? When you give more information from what they asked for, if they are professional they will stop you or ignore it while teaching you to not do that. However when the reader is a scam artist, they will fish the info based of what you said to them and rephrased it to give you what you want to hear based on your emotional state. Being so emotional, you might think that they are the best in the field but they are not. The best you can do, is make a simple question and while on the reading, just answer with yes, no or sorry that doesn’t apply to me. Don’t answer more from what they asked you, remember, you are paying for information, why feed them with what they don’t know until tell them? Besides you are going for a reading, not for a court hearing in which you are expect to say everything you know, let them tell you instead.

DON’T fall for the “Candle Scam”. What is this and where you can find this type of scams. First of all, be aware that these scam artists, are really good in giving you great information, they know their skill and some of them are so accurate is scary, but despite all that, they still con artists. These are the type that you can find in tourists places, they start with amazing insights (the hook), they are watching your emotional state while doing it and to finish the reading, they sell you a candle for $10-20 dollars, the same candle you can find at the grocery store for $1.50 plus tax. They tell you, to light that candle for certain amount of days and return back to them to see if the problem is resolved. Obviously the problem will still be there and then they will tell you that you didn’t pray hard enough or that you need to buy another candle and for an exuberant amount of money they can solve your problem. In some cases, they offer the help with the candle at first sight depending on your emotional state, but in other cases they keep you coming over and over to buy the same candle and more prayers. Believe it or not, these con artist they always find people that falls for this and easily they can pay their own personal luxuries thanks to your ignorance and suffering.

DON’T fall for the “Curse Scam”!  Curses can be real but for them to be real, they need a vital ingredient which is BELIEVE into it. The same goes with miracles, in which it needs a person saying a prayer with the intention to see the miracle, the same goes with curses. When a scam artist feels that there is nothing to hook you for during the reading, they come out with the most old tale of a curse. People that falls for this type of scam, in their pitiful emotional state, they believe in the curse and the worst a curse can have is the power of FEAR. Remember, you attract to yourself what you fear most, because is constant in your mind and the mind can play tricks on you, so if you believe in curses, chances are, YOU and ONLY YOU give power to that curse. The scam artist will offer you candles or stones for an inflated price and as long you continue attracting what you fear most, the curse will never go away and they will continue cashing-in on your misery.

Why paying for the services of Tarot readers, or Psychic Mediums?
    This is the question that most people ask when it comes to Tarot readers or Psychic Mediums. We can name several reasons of why. However, I am going to take the example of the person that sells you information, the“Free Lance Consultant”. These individuals goes beyond to find the information and resources you are seeking for your business or problem and they do it for a price. You pay this price because you don’t know the how and don’t have the time to look for it yourself. According with the amount of information and resources, including the time, and perhaps overhead expenses, they priced their efforts and handle it to you in a neatly invoice. Lets be real on this, the information you are getting despite they guarantied it, it does not means its going to work for your problem or your business, right?  More of it, there free lance consultants, that resolve the problem for you for a hefty price and you pay it, because you need it. If you read the small prints, you will find that the success is base of what you do with that information.

Another example is the Psychologists and Psychiatric, you pay them for them to hear your life from childhood to the present, with that information they can advice you in how to deal with your life or they can prescribe you a pill. They can’t guarantied the advice as a cure because what you do with it IF you follow it, is what make the service a success. More over, they will tell you at front, if you don’t follow or accept that you have a problem there is no need to expend time there if you don’t use the help. They charge for time and for their years of education in human psychology.

Now, lets take the skills of a Tarot reader and Psychic Mediums, the are also “Free Lance Consultants”. They seek for information to help you on your spiritual or emotional problem when you can’t do it for yourself or don’t have time to think in seeking better options. They might charge you for overhead expenses if apply. They might charge you for time, because the time they expend with your problem, they could expend it taking care of their own families like other professionals do, but they go out of their way to give you the information you need. Their prices varies depending in how good they are with their skills or how many are in the area. Some inflate their prices depending on demand or because they are doing this for a living. In either way, follow the dos and don’ts if you seek them.

There is no guaranties that the future they predict for you, will become a reality, because of your free will and because the future is not set in stone.
and one more thing read their sign…… “For Entertainment ONLY”.

Love and Light Everyone!

Great Book To Read is "The Street Smart Psychic Guide" by Lisa Barretta

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