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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Evolution of a Tarot Reader

       When first comes to mind the vision of a Tarot reader, we usually associated it with Gypsies or perhaps an old woman wWomen Up Fair Feb 8th 2014ith her head wrapped around with a scarf. Or better yet, we associated it with someone telling you an extraordinary tales for an amount of money. However, Tarot readers have come a long way from what people think they might be.

    Cartomancy or as it is known to be the ability to fortune-telling by interpreting a random selection of playing cards, is not longer attributed to Gypsies—this knowledge now is use by people from all path of life. If you asked a reader now days, what they used to do before they started reading cards for the public—you might be surprise of the amount of highly educating people alone with their religious background.

    In my case, I grew up through 3 religions or beliefs: Roman Catholic, Santeria and Spiritism—and to top it off, I spent 20 years in the US Army and 7 years as a police officer, with a college background of Nursing and Criminal Justice. For me, it all started as a curiosity of trying to figure out how the cards relates to other’s lives in such details, despite they are drawn randomly.

  How can it be possible that a deck of cards with peculiar designs can tell so much about a person’s ongoing situation as well shows a lot about their personality—like looking into a mirror?.
    Lots of people asked me, how can you see my life’s situation through the cards? I always tell them that Tarot is just a tool that helps taps on one’s intuition—in my case I used them as flash cards that trigger memories of my own life, which in turns, I reflected them on others, as a mirror. I noticed with years of practice that the cards no matter in what order of draw—change meaning depending from what angle you observed them. I can draw the same cards for different people and believe me; they all will come out with a different meaning related only to them.

    In my search to find out the mechanics of it, I could tell you something for certain—we all are energy and we all connected by life’s experiences, no matter what is your background, ethnicity, beliefs, geography or economical status. We are all energy beings, while living and collecting human experiences.

   Is Tarot like Magic? Witchcraft? Or more sinister from what it looks? I believe the answer is so simple that even in its simplicity, is hard to wraps as a fact.

    When I first started with the Tarot, I found it so complicated, time consuming studies, even thought it was a bunch of meaningless cards. However, my negative approach never stopped me from keep trying to understand it. One day, I just decided to toss away the Tarot books and see the card for what they are—a picture that can tell a thousand words. I use that concept, while using my perception of it as a mirror, when reading for others. The outcome of it was indeed beyond my rational understanding—I learned to embrace it for what it is—not for what others wanted it to be. I just love to help people see themselves and their situations from another angle, in this case Tarot cards and intuition. While searching their own answers, finding their own solutions and remind them to be aware that everything change once they acknowledge it, ALL because their amazing God given gift of Free Will.

   Since 2004, my evolution as Tarot reader have gone from reading at online Forums, Chat rooms, Emails, Phone calls to friends, even while radio hosting—then in the past 2 years, I moved on to perform in public through local fairs and Spiritualist Churches while in the Mid-West of USA. Now, I have been invited to bigger state events with 1,000+ people attendance. Since I publically embrace the Tarot for what it is—the door of opportunities to share my passion for Cartomancy have opened beyond my understanding. I see these opportunities as my way to help people to enhance their soul through positive reinforcement, while it helps my soul to evolve as well.

   Evolution will continue, no matter the detours, the challenges and the impossible… Evolution will never stop changing what we know—everything and everyone will continue evolving, while changing it into something more adaptable to its environment...

Love and Light for all of you..

Liz Figueroa

Sky Snowy Owl

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