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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dreaming of Being in a Horse Race

Horse racing
Dreaming about horses is a very common dream, you either see a horse, ride it, encountered, talk to it etc.
However, after having two dreams about horses within one week. I started to pay closer attention to it.

This dream might be more than a dream, perhaps a warning about my actual path. Its just a matter of time before I totally figure what is this dream about. Hopefully, I will be able to act upon it and rectify what needs to be put in order.
The setting of a dream is as important as colors, smells, people and the era—since these characteristics say as much or more about what the dream could be about.
The setting of this dream in particular, seems to be from the Medieval era. Everyone in this village, was dressing like working class people—having a community festival of some sort. I walked among this very green grass, pushing myself through lots of people, to take a closer look of what was going on. As I approached the horse riders, my eyes went to this girl who has black hair but her ends were light blue, like her hair was touched by blue light. I thought for a moment, why the punk look in a Medieval era? Before I started to reasoning about that detail within this dream. I noticed that she was ordered to dismount the horse as she apparently was not worthy to ride this beautiful light brown horse.

Suddenly, the old man directing this community race, pointed at me—saying “You will ride this horse, against the newcomer” pointing at a young man in raged dirty clothes, sitting on this big black horse.  Neither of these horses have a nice seat over them, only hand woven blankets cream in color. I looked at this brown horse, who looks peaceful in nature—giving me the feeling of knowing this horse, from before I became part of this dream.
He bow his head towards me as a signal that is ok to seat over him—perhaps he sensed my fear to his magnificent presence.
As soon as mounted, I was directed by the old man to be beside the newcomer who is my rival on this race, as a signal that the race will start soon. As soon as the old man screamed to go, we both started to raced our horses like our lives depends on it. The scene surrounding us was of great beauty—resembling places like Ireland or Greenland. With its luscious green pastures and majestic mountains. Suddenly, the rocky path we were riding on, split in two path. This split came so fast that neither myself or the other rider can fit on either the paths side by side. A quick decision needed to be made, of who goes in each path.

The young rider, choose the right path, which was a upgrade hill boarded by high rocks that seems to be unsafe and dangerous. I turn to the left path which was a muddy path, with smalls water ponds around it. As I kept riding, I lost sight of the other rider. Despite such,  I kept riding and I started talking to the horse. Telling him that I was not sure we took the right path. The horse turn his head to look at me, but ignored me and kept going at high speed.
As I kept riding, I noticed something peculiar about the water ponds surrounding this path, some of them were with clear water filled with very green grass—while others were with dirty water in it.
Suddenly, we starting to jump dead trees found laying through the path. These seems to be ancient, with their bark gone—they look almost as petrified wood. Some trees were thin while others were of medium with. In each jump, I felt like my life was passing through my eyes. I keep telling the horse to avoid them, that there is no need to jump them. However the horse ignored me, while noticing that we were not in the original path any more. On each jump, we ended up running on water, each time more deeper that the last jump.

I kept looking for the other rider and finally saw him way up in the hill through the rocks, like he was stuck. He couldn’t go down but couldn’t go further forward. I kept going with my horse, who has a mind of his own—while jumping these dead trees. While my heart was rising through all this jumping, we encountered a huge thick tree. I can see it from far and I begged the horse to please stop. I keep pulling the reins to make him stop but all my efforts were in vain. As we approach this huge tree, I felt my body elevating up high while seeing the legs of this brown horse stretching as far as he could to pass this huge log. Everything felt at that moment, like we were going in slow motion.
 I can clearly heard birds and the crowd voices from far. I felt the uncertainty of the landing as I didn’t know what was behind this huge log.
Once we cleared the huge tree, we fall into a deep pond with clear water but with tall green grass in it. The horse tried to maneuver forward through it but the tall grass was entangling his legs as he try in vain to swing through it. In a desperate attempt, I pulled the reins real hard—forcing the horse to go left and off the pond. Finally, this horse accepted the command and we reach out for a scape route. Suddenly, we started to raise from the pond as we finally touch hard ground—then I woke up.

Note: I highlighted the key words of this dreams with useful links found on the internet for further interpretation of those key words within this dream. Talking about direction, either going left or right—in the Tarot when the characters in the Court cards are looking towards the left, its know as the character is looking at the past of its situation—while they look towards the right, they are looking toward their future.

Quick Analysis: This dreams obviously is referent to an ongoing situation, for me to dream about Medieval times it denotes the doubts, suffering, believes. A time of domineering and controlling attitude. In my daily life, I am constantly battling with these issues of self doubts based on my past believes—these force me somehow to be constantly trying to control or dominate my emotions through the whole situation.

In this dream is talking about two people in common, myself and the newcomer rider. We both have a horse of different color and we both come to a end of road where we take different paths—which neither one is an easy one. Choosing the rocky up hill is like going against the odds and without having a clear plan of how to conquer such adversity—ending stuck with no clue what to do next. However, choosing the muddy path surrounded by water in which I ended into it-- leads me to believe that although I see great opportunity of survival, I have the choice and free will to either go through it or choose to abandoned the race I put myself through it.

Each water pond is relate to suffering or emotions but each dead tree relates to obstacles that in this case are self inflicted.

In this dream seems like I am in a race for reaching who will come back to the village, victorious. However, one is stuck in rocks while the other abandoned the race all together. In relationships, you either go side by side to survive all obstacles but when both are on different path making individual choices of how they want their lives to be without each other—more likely the relationship doesn’t survive. I believe this dream is warning me of the path of the new relationship and its up to me either beats the odds and continue or count my loses getting out and be grounded again. Dreams not necessary make sense after dream of them, but with time every aspect of a dream when we pay attention—we found the needed understanding. Once reach, we grow in spirit and become ready to embark into a new human experience.

Thank you for reading about this dream, hope it helps you in your own dream.

Love and Light for all of you..

Liz Figueroa

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