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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Man in My Dreams

Many people dreamed about somebody known or unknown in their dreams. In most dream interpretations, to dream about people its just a view of one’s self. However, I wonder how true this can be.

Through my life’s journey, I have dreamed about people that later on I meet in real life—giving me that sense of déjà vu, wondering why this person looks so familiar? or wondering if I dreamed about this person or this one visited me in astral travel.
 Spirits of our loves one, they always find ways to communicate with us, either through giving us suggestions and signs, when mostly needed. However, they often comes in our dreams.
Spirits can give us messages of support and love as well warnings—but in few cases they try to tell us about what its to come or to ask us to finish what they couldn't while alive. I often felt the presence of someone very significant in my life, through suggestions or signs. His suggestions often popped in my head with the urgency of his typical personality. However, in this particular occasion—he wanted me to write a letter to give closure for someone else. Which for weeks, I kept ignoring such request.

That particular night, I woke up  feeling that someone was talking to me all night long but couldn't recall much of the dream—all I have in my mind was to write that letter I keep procrastinate for. Without further delays, I got off the bed that morning of Sunday June 29, 2014 around 5:00 am I sat to wrote that letter he wanted me for.
Once I finished the letter and emailed, I felt like a heavy weight was lifted and the air became more lighter. However if left me wonder what was the entire dream about.
That noon, I went to a workshop about Dream Yoga, in which teach recalling dreams through the vibration sounds of Hebrew words. It was an intense class, but through it I managed to recall the entire dream of early morning. In this dream, I saw the spirit of my love one getting near the bed and saying clearly “Write the letter because its needed for everything that needs to happen to be in place and for everyone to move on with their lives as they should.” Right after he said this words on the dream, I felt transport to a beach with a wide shore where there was an amusement park. I vividly smell the ocean air, heard the seagull flying by, felt the wet sand through my toes as I walked through it. 

I was not alone in this dream, there was a man by my right side holding my hand. This man was not known to me. In this dream I  saw that we both were happy, like celebrating a moment. I couldn't see clearly the face of the man, as the sun was behind his head blinding most of his features. However, I saw that he was taller than me, in shape, older, with dark and grey hair almost at shoulder length, facial hair and large smile under his mustache. Suddenly, my eyes went towards our holding hands and saw clearly that the man was wearing a gold wedding band.

I snapped out of the deep meditation where I was recalling this dream and understood the urgency of my love one’s spirit in writing the letter as well the vision of this man on the beach. It was about total closure with everyone as well  I felt it showed me, who might be my next and last husband. I am writing about this, despite it happened back in June, because I believe its important and that I will meet this man of my dreams within a couple of years. I want to come back to this blog and see how accurate this dream can become. Until then, I will continue with life as it comes—one day at the time.

Many Blessings for you all ~

Liz Figueroa

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