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Hello, my name is Liz Figueroa. In here you will read about my experiences while on my journey through spiritual awareness. From my dreams, use of pendulum and Tarot, meditations,out of body/astral projection as well daily spiritual lessons. Join me and learn with me, while awaken the true light beings within ourselves.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Experience Through Mediumship Development

Fox sisters

   I am sure many of you wonder how is possible that some people are able to talk, sense or hear the dead. Even more, how can they possible be able to pass messages so meaningful to the ones still living with no rational or logical explanation of how they got it.

Like you, I have these questions as well have many doubts and skepticism about it. However, my journey through Cartomancy somehow led me to see all this talking to spirits, as a limitless pool of possibilities. 

The first time I saw a spirit was when I was about 9 years old. I saw it just like a real person, can hear her breathing and how she put weight on the bed as she sat down to observed me. There is more details of this story that I am not going to discuss here—however that was the beginning of my journey through the spirit world.

Through the years, I had so many encounters as well stories that up to this day baffled me in many ways. While reading the cards, in few occasions I can hear them as well see them. My dilemma with spirits is that once I get to see them, I can’t pass the “aha’' moment and excitement. I just can’t  calm myself and ask these spirits “Who are you? Why you are here? What message you have and for whom?”

This led me to seek help among many of my mediums friends. I got ideas from them, of how they connect but never found it practical. I always looked for some classes and books that can help me. Finally, after all these years—I was lead to a class of Mediumship development near by the town from where I live at. I signed for it and up I went.
I didn’t have any expectations and went with open mind. Hoping that I can finally control the fear and anxiety to it and believe me—I succeed.
There was 17 of us taking this class, only two brave man, the rest were women. I saw clearly all path of life among them as well their open mind and wonder about develop themselves through this type of classes. There was no gypsy like or hippies—there were just regular people. The teacher was indeed an energetic woman, with the skill to teach but more over with the kindness to handle all our emotions through this class. The first thing this teacher did was thrown us into the mediumship with no parachute. Luckily, we all survived the first round—it was indeed a warm up for what came next through the hours.

Its hard to explain how I felt spirit on that day, but what the class gave me was the confidence to trust the unseen and just spit out what comes to mind.  Seems to me through all the readings I got that day, that my father’s family showed up. From my grandfather, grandmother, my father’s baby sister that died many years ago. However, only one Army soldier showed up for me—to asked for forgiveness from me. The readings I gave to others really blown my mind, here I am thinking that I just spoke my imagination and the one hearing it—wonders how I got such details with such accuracy.

In one of the readings I gave, I was blindfold as part of the exercise—in which we don’t see the person for whom we reading for. I have to rely first on my empathic skills and later on, I have to trust the visions I saw. This woman was very grateful for the reading I gave her as no other medium was ever able to contact her dead mother as I did. It was indeed mind blowing!
The last exercise was about to be stage medium—gosh you talking about being under real pressure with this one!
I gave two readings, to two different women. To one woman the reading didn’t do any sense but to the other it did. I remember that when I looked the room around seeking for whom to read, this lady got my attention. I asked in my mind what can I possibly say to this woman? Right on that moment, I saw the vision of this old lady, touching her heart and as she did, I felt a metal object on my heart ticking like a clock. I heard clearly this woman with lots of excitement to tell this lady that “Don’t worry dear, still ticking, everything will be alright.”

I felt apprehended about saying this to this woman across the class room, but I said it. Her face of wonder made me felt like I most imagined the vision, that I might be wrong as she didn’t gave me confirmation if any I said made sense to her. The class was over, we all were exchanging business cards and contacts—when the lady I gave the message about “still ticking” came to me. What she said really made me felt, that there is life after dead after all—that I didn’t imagine such.

She said to me, that both of her grandmothers were recipients of pacemakers later on their lives before passing. She also stated that recently, she got a pacemakers itself and she fears that it might not working properly—for which she constantly ask her doctor and spirits if she will be alright. She stated that when I said those words “Don’t worry dear, still ticking, everything will be alright” was indeed a confirmation for her and her question, giving her peace within.

I must say this class to me, was just the beginning of a new adventure. Two days after that class, I woke up by a pass by spirit named Joe. He just showed up and said hello and that his name was Joe. I asked what you want, he just said—nothing, I just stop to say hello. Right after, I felt his energy leaving my bedroom—I see now that the door of spirit world is wide open. It’s up to me to explore and that is what I will do.

Love and Light Everyone!

Liz Figueroa

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